As technology has changed with the addition of the Internet and computer use, Saint Jude Retreats has found a way to integrate its usefulness into the social education services we offer.

Saint Jude Retreats now has an online home education program with one-on-one professional instruction. Similar to our other programs, it provides a valuable option for those unable to leave home to stay in our retreat facilities.

One of our Cognitive Behavioral Education (CBE) instructors teaches the 25 online classes, which run 60 – 90 minutes each. The program format includes email, videoconferencing, telephone conversation or a combination of all of these methods to best suit each individual.

Our online home education program is in keeping with the other services at Saint Jude Retreats in that it is not an addiction treatment program. It does not follow 12 steps or try to convince you that you have a disease and require alcoholism treatment or drug rehabilitation. It does help people try to find a better way to live their lives while fitting instruction into their daily schedules. It’s all completed in a confidential manner.

While our three retreat facilities are still available for residential instructional programs, the online home format is another way to help people overcome problems with alcohol and substance use.