Recently the Mike Sorrentino aka the “situation” was released from rehab after only a two-week stay for suspected drug treatment at the Cirque Lodge in Utah. The Situation’s rep claimed he attended the celebrity adored 12 step rehab simply to relax and rejuvenate himself. However, cast members reported they personally witnessed the Situation over using prescription drugs while at the shore house.

Certainly Mike’s partying lifestyle would lead many to believe he would eventually have problems with overusing both drugs and alcohol. The cast mates of the hit MTV series often end their nights at 5 am to 6 am in the morning and then get up the next day and continue to party all day into the early morning. Anyone would be exhausted, but the Situation is choosing to take pills to give him energy instead of slowing down his party lifestyle.   While the Jersey Shore star claims he is stronger and better than ever, Mike the Situation likely has a long journey in front of him especially with the choices he makes in the vital next few months with the taping of another season. The Saint Jude’s Program strongly recommends at least six weeks of classes to fully understand our program and the concept of how natural lifestyle evolve. St. Jude’s uses this time to educate the guests so they can become fully aware of the goals they want to obtain while participating in this alternative drug/alcohol treatment program. It’s hard to believe Sorrentino could come to terms with his drug use over a period of two weeks, especially when 12 step programs tell participants they are doomed with a disease and an addiction…Forever.

It will be interesting to see how this story pans out. If the “Situation” can make better choices while in the Jersey Shore atmosphere he most certainly can make it through anything. If he chooses to go back to his party-lifestyle it may lead him to make more bad decisions regarding prescription drug use. Ultimately his fate lies in his own hands.