When you conjure up visions of the holidays, you might imagine a Norman Rockwell scene in your home with everyone happily gathered around the table with garlands and bows for decoration. While it sounds like a pleasant scene, not everyone has that type of experience. For some, spending the holidays at Saint Jude Retreats may be in their plans this year. Some family members may be concerned that their loved ones will be alone and miss out on this special time. The opposite is true. We “deck the halls” with a festive atmosphere and invite those who celebrate the holidays to participate. They are treated like family, and will even find a gift just for them under the tree.

Understanding the need for loved ones to be together, we invite the family members of those participating in the program at that time to come and join us. They are invited to Saint Jude Retreats for meals and stay in a nearby hotel. We all enjoy a traditional holiday buffet-style dinner together, with a delicious brunch the following morning.

Spending the holidays at Saint Jude Retreats is a unique opportunity. Because we are not an alcoholism treatment or drug rehab program, we encourage our participants to enjoy this special time of year, rather than ignore it. When they have made the decision to make changes in their lifestyle, they will find that this is as good a time as any to do it. For more information about the Saint Jude Retreats program, contact us today.