Oftentimes, people think of drug problems as use of illegal substances, such as marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines. They do not think about prescription drugs. Problems with drugs and alcohol can take on many different forms. They may be a mix of drugs, such as crystal meth and Xanax, or overuse of alcohol. At Saint Jude Retreats, we can help people experiencing problems with drug or alcohol use if they want to change and want help. We have a number of different programs now available, including residential retreats, at-home classes and a pilot program for day classes in New York City.

When people use drugs and alcohol beyond moderation, they may develop health problems. As a result, if they choose to stop drinking or using certain substances, they may have physical withdrawal issues. In some cases, estimated at less than 3 percent of the population, the body’s physical reaction to withdrawal may be so severe that the person needs medical attention to perform a detoxification process. At Saint Jude Retreats, we are a non-medical substance use education facility, so we do not offer any detox services. There are some places throughout the country that we refer to should someone need the medical attention required.

Something else we do not do at Saint Jude Retreats is force people to enter our program. While this is a common practice at some drug or alcohol addiction treatment facilities, we wait until the person experiencing problems with drugs, alcohol or both is ready to make a lifestyle change. Whether the person has problematic use of alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs, contact Saint Jude Retreats today. We can help.