We know that the behavior and actions of the substance users are what truly helps them achieve what they want, and sometimes all they need is a bit of guidance to move in the right direction. This can be applied to almost any action in life, when a person or a group of people may find themselves in need of more guidance or expertise, and that includes us at Saint Jude Retreats. One recent example was redesigning our parent company’s logo.

While we had ideas of what we wanted, and even though we have highly knowledgeable staff that came up with great concepts, we came to realize that an outside perspective and extra help will be indispensable. We needed the expertise of designers and illustrators to create what we had as an idea, and we needed to take action but in a way, we were reluctant about involving outside help.

 The experience of hiring graphic designers and have them create what we needed and liked, could have potentially become extremely frustrating experience, especially if we were not on the same wavelength. At this time we have discovered a wonderful site called Zillion Designs which has a network of 50,000 designers waiting for a project to work on. We discovered that all we needed to do is to post our requirements on the website after which interested designers presented us with their logo design concept to choose from. It’s a fast process and, easy to use at that; the designers give plenty of options to choose from and leaving feedback as guidance is a breeze. Therefore we highly recommend Zillion Designs to create logo designs or identities for your company or individual needs.

When we see value, we recognize it and we are happy to share it with you, our guests, friends and followers, because good people and good businesses should be supported. The value we received from the registration process through the customer service to the final product were outstanding. As for us- well, let’s just say we’ve found the expert advice and guidance we needed.