No two recovery programs for substance abuse are the same, in fact, there are many differences between programs and there is no one size fits all program. The right recovery program for you is the one that takes your individuality in mind and is works to meet you where you are in your life and helps you overcome that circumstances that lead you to substance use.

With regard to philosophy a vast majority of recovery programs support the idea that you have an incurable brain disease and that you cannot overcome your substance abuse. These programs maintain the idea that you will need support for the rest of your life to stay sober. St Jude Retreats through research has found quite the opposite way to becoming substance free.

Below are some different ways people seek help and the downsides of recovery programs for substance abuse.

Holistic Programs
Holistic recovery programs use Eastern philosophies and remedies to help individuals address their substance abuse issues. These programs generally use yoga, vitamin therapy, meditation and acupuncture. If you are new to acupuncture and yoga they take some getting used to, but essentially the downside to these programs is that they are not tapping into the root of substance use. While exercise and meditation are great for the body and mind, it may not stop someone from using drugs once they are back in their old environment.

12 Steps Programs
12 steps programs teach the belief that substance use is a disease that cannot be cured. Their principles support belief in a higher power, ongoing group or private therapy and that you are powerless over your substance use. There are many downsides in 12 step programs, but the most important one is the fact that people spend years of their life trying to avoid situations where alcohol or drugs are present, or avoid having fun or seeing old friends, instead of just living their life. Living in fear of substance is no way to live, especially, when you can always take back control.   

Methadone Clinics
This self reporting method is drug replacement therapy. In this method, individuals report to the clinic which gives them the medication Methadone to take at home. This method allows the individual to continue their daily routine, but it also sets up the individual with a Methadone addiction. The downside to methadone clinics is that research shows that many individuals who being taking Methadone never stop taking it and some people have been on it 20 years or more. There is little to no regulation for Methadone clinics which means that no one really addresses the issue that clients should have a maximum allowance.

Different Choice, Different Result
St. Jude Retreats supports the idea that substance use is not a disease but that it is a choice that you make to use drugs and alcohol. In our method, you will learn how to change your current patterns and thoughts and you will discover you have the power to stop using substance.

St. Jude Retreats is not a 12 steps program and it is not a drug replacement program. The St. Jude program uses cognitive behavioral education to help guests reevaluate their choices and decisions and to make productive choices that bring enhancement to their life. Guests learn to develop habits and behaviors that are positive and that offer enrichment and purpose to their life.

The St. Jude program builds confidence and self esteem and our guests are empowered. Our guests discover that they can have a life that is permanently free from substance use.