Here is the second of our March 2015 posts on the Women of Saint Jude Retreats in honor of Women’s History Month. Our employees are as diverse and special as our various retreats but they all hold one thing dear: the Saint Jude Retreats Program.

Every employee is dedicated to ensuring that all our guests receive the best quality program possible and that each guest is treated with the utmost compassion and personal consideration throughout their stay. Here is another example of one of three amazing women who have worked for the company the longest, and Saint Jude Retreats is proud to employ- Marlene Bradt:

Marlene, please tell us about what you do at Saint Jude Retreats.

I am the Head Housekeeper at the Mountain Retreat.  I also drive guests for errands, and I am a fill-in cook and overnight watch-person.

How did you begin working for Saint Jude Retreats?

When the Mountain Retreat House was opened in my hometown, I personally went there to apply for a job and was hired on the spot!

What does being an employee of Saint Jude Retreats mean to you?

It means everything to me to be working here.  Prior to this house becoming the SJR house, it was owned by my family.  I have worked here since 1968, when it was Hunt’s Hotel, and after that when we housed veterans.  In fact, I was married in what is now “Classroom 1.”  I have many memories of being here with wonderful people.  The current guests are no different.  I enjoy each and every one of them.

Why did you start working for the company in the first place?

I was sad when the building was sold, and was ecstatic to have the opportunity to work so close to home again.

What or who has been your greatest influence in the company over the years and why?

I have met so many employees and guests, and have so many friendships as a result. I couldn’t say one person influenced me over another.

Tell us about a situation or a person that you encountered through your work that you will always remember.

There have been too many to mention.  I have had a lot of laughter, and the Mountain Retreat House has become my second home.

What is one thing that you have learned through your work for Saint Jude Retreats that has served you well over the years?

The guests and employees, as well as the Saint Jude Program taught me how to be more caring and to help others.  The people I have met here truly make me grateful for my life and my job.

What do you do for fun/relaxation?

Shopping, visiting with friends, and I spend hours on my landscaping and home.

No matter what position an employee of Saint Jude Retreats holds—and many have worked in various positions throughout the company during their tenure—they all work to deliver the best results for our guests while at the same time modeling the positive, self-affirming principles of the Saint Jude Program for our guests. Keep an eye out for the last installment in our series of posts on the Women of Saint Jude Retreats.

If you would like to read more the story of Cheryl Curtis, one of the other two female employees that have worked for the company the longest, you can meet her here.