Adult Children Of Alcoholics

Don't Let The Past Stop You From Overcoming Alcohol Use

Alternative Help For Adult Children Of AlcoholicsFor excessive alcohol users, help is available to help them stop their use and to help them rebuild their life, but are left with the memories of broken relationships, lies and a feeling of powerlessness. Adults, who as children had parents who had a problem with alcohol, must move on past their childhood experiences to help themselves.

Some adult children of alcoholics struggle with whether or not they will become excessive alcohol users, if they will need lifelong treatment, and if they will pass it down to their children. Many adult children of alcoholics have a difficult time self regulating behaviors and emotions.. They may have a high sense of anxiety as they try to read people so that they can protect themselves; while at the same time there is a tendency to over react to situations.

Adult children of alcoholics may find that there is unresolved grief and feel that they are helpless in their situation and that they will never feel normal. To offset these feelings, they may engage in risky behavior. Some adult children of excessive alcohol users may feel guilt for escaping the situation, especially if there were siblings left behind. As they try to reason with the situation, they may make up excuses for their parents' behaviors. It is not uncommon for adult children of alcohol users to self medicate to try to bring relief for their emotions.

If you are one of the many adult children of parents who had alcohol problems, there is hope. While 12 step programs will tell you that you have inherited your parents' alcoholic gene and that it is only a matter of time before you begin behaving in the same manner and that you are diseased; this is not true. There is no disease of addiction or alcoholic gene that you can inherit. 12 step programs solution for you is belief in a higher power, talk therapy and support group meetings for the rest of your life. You must forever accept that you are powerless.

The truth is if you are the adult child of an problematic alcohol user, you have the power to change your situation. Cognitive Behavioral Learning is an alternative to 12 step programs. In Cognitive Behavioral Learning, you will learn how to use self assessment and self change to reconsider the decisions and choices you make. You will learn to make choices that are more productive and to develop habits and behaviors that are positive and more enriching to your life. Cognitive Behavioral Learning teaches you the skills that you need to address your difficulties, past and present and to be able to move beyond them to have a life that is purposeful.

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