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Are There Affordable Drug Treatment Centers?Here is a little secret undisclosed to the public: alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs as we know them do not work. Free clinics or drug rehab programs have little to no success. So you are basically receiving the quality of services that you are paying for, which in some cases is nothing. Even if you enroll into an affordable drug treatment center that does not mean it will be any more successful. Conversely, if you are thinking about enrolling in a private drug rehab or drug treatment center, the cost can range from $50,000 to $100,000 for a 30 day stay. While the quality of care may be improved and you may be housed in posh surroundings, success rates for these programs are still abysmal.

It is important to know that your alcohol and drug use habits are controlled by you. Addiction is culturally accepted in our society as a disease, yet it is the only disease where simply by making a choice all symptoms can disappear. Treatment programs tout that you have lost the power of choice over drugs and they force you to accept that you are powerless over them. The idea of being powerless is the centralized theme to their treatment and it is the primary reason they are unsuccessful. This is not the only idea that affordable drug treatment centers will portray incorrectly.

How the Cycle Of Addiction Is Reinforced Through Drug Treatment

Drug treatment is considered to be the only solution for any drug "addiction" disease. If you thoroughly look at the disease of addiction, even with the tiniest bit of scrutiny, you have to think, can addiction really be a disease? Calling drug addiction a disease is a convenient way to shirk personal responsibility. According to drug treatment professionals, the addict will never get better, because the disease of addiction can remain in remission for years. They tell substance users that there is no cure for addiction, thus continuously creating a need for more treatment. If the disease of addiction can't ever be cured, wouldn't that mean that treatment centers have a 0% success rate? If everyone is expected to relapse and its part of recovery, doesn't that imply a 100% failure rate?

Many people enroll into drug treatment programs because it's the only form of help they are aware of, and they naturally think the program's method will cure them of their drug problem. Once they arrive counselors will begin to break down the sad truth which is that only 1 in 12 people in the program will succeed and success is defined as long periods of abstinence with the likelihood of relapse at some point. Everyone hopes to be that one, but at the same time it may dampen that hope of ever overcoming the drug problem or discontinuing drug use. Pair the thought that the "disease" is permanent and then 1 in 12 will succeed and that is a formula for a negative outlook and hopelessness. So how then do these treatment centers work at all?

Detox Offered At Affordable Drug Treatment Centers

Many affordable drug treatment centers offer a detox program and require a medical detox before you enter their rehab program. Some programs offer drugs to help detox which can reduce withdrawal symptoms. These drugs, however, are typically opiates and other narcotics that may create a chemical dependence, meaning withdrawal signs will be present if you discontinue use.

These detox programs also employ 12 step methods that require strict adherence to succeed, once again reinforcing the idea of powerlessness and lifelong disease. If there is a treatment, but not a cure, then people get stuck in the endless revolving door of always needing treatment, but never permanently getting better. The centers offer such assistance like meditation, acupuncture, and other modalities to assist recovery but most people return frequently for additional treatment.

A Better Way Of Looking At A Drug Problem

There is an affordable non-treatment program and that is the Freedom Model Program. Researchers at Freedom Model's know that there is no disease of addiction, it is a habitual behavior and as such can be overcome. There can be success in moderation with sobriety being the ultimate goal. Education is the basis of this method, not treatment. Freedom Model's can help you break the continuous cycle of treatment and failure. Freedom Model will not force anyone down a certain path, but rather allows each guest to make their own informed choice regarding their substance use.

Additionally the Freedom Model Program is a third of the cost of private drug treatment. Swanky accommodations does not mean a better solution for drug problems and the same mentality goes for low-end or free programs. Free is not always better. The Freedom Model Program will give you back control of your life so you can build the life you want. You will find purpose and happiness in your life. Give the alternative to affordable drug treatment centers, the Freedom Model Retreats, a call for more information and find out about our satisfaction guarantee.

Prof. Peter Venturelli Ph.D. Valparaiso University in Indiana

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