Do You Have Aftercare or Support After the Completion of Your Program?

Is it necessary for my success?

AftercareWhile attending the Freedom Model Program, our guests build friendships with their Presenter and their Retreat Director and often will keep continued contact via private e-mail, texts, or over the phone. This continued contact can occur for as long as the guest sees fit and is free of charge - we will always be here for them! The availability of this ongoing contact can be most helpful to guests and their families especially during those first few weeks or months after returning home. In addition, should the program graduate decide that they wish to work with a therapist upon their return home, we would be happy to help with the search for a licensed therapist that would best fit their personal needs.

Within their first few days of attending the Freedom Model Program, each guest meets one-on-one with our Focus Electives Director to begin planning for their future. Research has shown that when changing any habit, it is most productive to be moving toward a positive goal, which creates excitement and motivation, rather than focusing on moving away from a bad habit, which can create feelings of deprivation and anxiety. By beginning to envision their future after the program from the very first week, our guests start the process of changing immediately. Throughout this process, each guest will decide what, if any, "aftercare" they might need post-program and begin making a personalized plan for their ultimate success.

If seeing a therapist is desired post-program, our Focus Electives Director will help the guest to find a qualified therapist in your home area. Freedom Model will provide this referral service free of charge, unlike treatment programs that impose intensive aftercare programming, often at significant financial hardship for the patient/client and/or their family.

Addiction treatment, and the recovery culture it has created, has led people to believe that they must be involved in ongoing meetings, therapies, and long-term aftercare to stay sober and drug free. In essence, they are taught they must trade their former daily drinking and drug using lifestyle for their new schedule of daily meetings and therapy lifestyle. They are told they must surround themselves with recovering addicts "like them" in order to maintain sobriety. Unfortunately, the long term results for following these recommendations are abysmal, with relapse rates as high as 95%.

Our program's foundation relies on the fact that our guests have the ability to become independent and successful if they are provided with factual information needed to do so. We provide these facts and the method to overcome addiction completely so our guests can move forward with their lives. We also know that some people will return home to difficult situations and may need to discuss options and further goal setting to continue to remain on target so we provide all of the above post program services without any additional fees or charges.


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