Alcohol and Drug Treatment Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Frequently Asked Questions FAQsIf you are experiencing a drug or alcohol problem, you most likely have a lot of questions concerning what type of alcohol or drug treatment program you should enroll in. Having questions and concerns about treatment methods is normal; in fact you should find out as much information as you can before choosing the right program for you. Often our callers ask to compare ourselves to treatment, but since we are nothing like treatment we educate them on what they can expect in other programs.

Here are a sampling of some FAQ Commonly asked at Freedom Model Retreats:

How important is it to attend a medically based treatment program?

Our family consultants get this question frequently because people know no other way of treatment than without doctors, psychiatrists, nurses or medical tests. At the Freedom Model however we do not use any medical terminology or medical tests because people are not suffering from a disease. Since addiction is not a disease there is no need for a medically based treatment program. In fact, a program such as this can hinder your chances of sobriety by teaching you that you have a disease, thus allowing you to never take responsibility for your own actions. You are what you think, so if you believe you have no control and are the victim of your disease then you become just that.

Once the detoxification process is completed, it is not necessary to have medical personnel on staff 24 hours a day. Freedom Model's does not use replacement therapy medications such as methadone or suboxone, which drastically cuts down risks for medical emergencies. As some people do require medical care during their stay, Freedom Model's does have a plan for medical emergencies, has emergency medical help close by, and have onsite staff trained in first aid and CPR.

How successful are other addiction treatment programs?

Traditional treatment programs and 12 step based programs, unfortunately, offer a message that is detrimental at best. They teach individuals that they are powerless, that they have a progressive, incurable disease and that relapse is to be expected. How can these programs offer hope when the message is hopeless in nature?

All drug programs with the exception of Freedom Model's are addiction treatment programs that use that same powerless and disease philosophy. Even if they claim to be non-diseased their program descriptions will include a chronic brain disorder which means the same thing but in a different way. If a program truly believes addiction is not a disease they won't use treatment language either in their program text or website. We tell our guests that addiction treatment programs aren't successful because we have completed over 22 years of research on the industry and have discovered the methods to be extremely ineffective.

I'm calling for my son or daughter, do we need a family program?

Family Programs are a great component to any program but unfortunately at majority of treatment programs they offer little help and a host of labels. These programs not only tell the drug user they are sick, but they also label and diagnose the family. In some cases while they teach the drug user that they are powerless over their drug use, they will simultaneously blame the family for the drug user's continued use. This could not be any further than the truth. Addiction is a choice an individual makes. Just because a child may be exposed to an environment where the parent is using does not mean they will necessarily use drugs or alcohol in the same way. Or whether or not parents or loved ones employ "tough love" tactics has no bearing on what a drug user does or does not do.

We advise that people stay away from programs that label the family as sick. If you truly want your son/daughter to get better, taking the blame off of their own actions and choices by blaming yourself or your spouse is not the answer. Freedom Model's is nearly finished developing a revolutionary Family Program that teaches the families how to live with a user, to not feel guilty or blamed for their loved one's actions and to ultimately build the life they want. The Freedom Model Family Program will not include long- emotional therapy sessions that are ineffective; it won't include labeling or diagnosing family members as sick, and it certainly won't blame families for their loved one's substance use problems.

Why are most alcohol and drug treatment programs only 28 to 30 days?

Alcohol and Drug Treatment programs are only 28 to 30 days because that is the billing cycle created by the insurance companies. Many times insurance companies will not pay for extended stays in treatment programs that are more 30 days, and the average length of insurance coverage is 14 days or less. Once insurance runs out treatment centers will typically discharge patients and recommend ongoing support group meeting or outpatient therapy. In some cases they do recommend longer stays but these costs will directly come out of your own pocket and at times can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Freedom Model's has discovered through research that the optimum amount of time to change your alcohol or drug habit is 42 - 70 days. The Freedom Model Program focuses on accountability, choices, and behaviors which empowers our guests and builds hope. Through the Freedom Model Program guests clearly see that they are not victims; that where there are in their lives is a direct result of the choices they have made and that is great news. It means that where they will be tomorrow is completely within their power to change.

If you would like to read more FAQ's about Freedom Model Retreats, visit this page now.


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