Is Alcohol Detox Safe After Binge Drinking?

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binge drinking and detox

Binge drinking is one of the most misunderstood concepts regarding alcohol use. Some people believe that binge drinking takes place over a week or weekend, but binge drinking takes place in a single drinking episode, according to the Centers for Disease Control. In other words, drinking as much as you can in a very brief amount of time is considered binge drinking. Many question if attending alcohol detox is safe after binge drinking.

Alcohol depresses the central nervous system, similar to other drugs. Excessive alcohol use in accelerated periods of time causes your blood pressure to increase, lowers pulse, decreases hearing, vision, coordination and balance and loss of sensation.

Binge drinking can be dangerous. Too often an individual will lose consciousness after a night binge drinking and end up in a coma, or worse die. Mixing alcohol with prescription or over the counter medication can result in significant problems with the central nervous system.

Alcohol detox

Alcohol detox is safe after binge drinking because the purpose of detox is to cleanse the system of the chemical toxins that have collected in the body’s system. After binge drinking, removing the alcohol toxins is a step in the right direction. Depending on how often you binge drink and how much you drink will be determining factors in how long the detoxification process will take. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be painful and can be potentially fatal. Symptoms can begin within a few hours after the last time you used alcohol and may include anxiety, tremors, hallucinations, irritability, irregular heartbeat, confusion, fever, or seizures.

Where you decide to receive your alcohol detox will make the difference in how successful you will be in the long term. Traditional detox centers use oral medications that have been seen to be unreliable for patients. These types of low end detoxes sometimes resort to practices that are demeaning to the patient. The staff at traditional detox centers do not always have the right combination of critical care skills or experience that is suitable for patients nor do they always provide around the clock medical attention.


The safest and most effective method for alcohol detox after binge drinking has been seen to be is IV therapy medical detox. Doctors have theorized that IV therapy medical detox is the best method because it uses intravenous IV therapy to immediately treat the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol binge drinking, but intravenous treatment also has an immediate impact on flushing the alcohol chemical toxins from your system.

After your detox is complete, you might consider enrolling in a program that will help you in rebuilding your life without alcohol binge drinking. Saint Jude Retreats offers a  Non 12 Step Program that helps guests use self evaluation and self change to replace habits and behavior that led to alcohol use and binge drinking, with more productive and positive ones that lead to a more purposeful life. Our guests discover that they have the self-confidence to have a life that is free from alcohol use and binge drinking permanently.




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