What Are The Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rates In NYC?

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What Are The Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rates In NYC?New York City is one of the most exciting cities in the United States, however life for many people in the city is filled with drug and alcohol use. More than 18 million people live in NYC and of that number more than one million struggle with substance use problems. Illicit drug use is the cause of many deaths and the reason for an increase in the number of people infected with liver disease, hepatitis B, C and HIV. The alcohol and drug addiction rates in NYC are alarmingly high.

New York City is at the center of global drug trafficking. Every drug imaginable is available in NYC. Whether it is marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, meth or ecstasy, you can find it in New York City. The most commonly used drug is marijuana which affects three quarter of a million people in NYC. The average age of use is between 18 to 25 year olds. There are two different types of marijuana in NYC: Mexican marijuana and Canadian marijuana. Marijuana is also grown in a number of areas within the city especially in Queens and also on Long Island.

New York has among the highest number of people using illicit drugs in the U.S. Prescription drugs, including sedatives, pain killers, tranquilizers and stimulants are the most used excluding marijuana use. In the past ten years, pain killers and cocaine use has been on the rise especially among men age 35 and up, increasing the government's measure of drug addiction rates in new york city.

In the past five years, more emergency hospital visits were due to cocaine use than any other drug, however there was an increase in marijuana and pain killer use from previous years as well. The New York City Health Department reported that one in ten hospitalizations is drug use related. Additionally, the NYC Health Department stated that one and a half percent of deaths in the city are accidental drug overdose, with opiates such as pain killers, meth and heroin as the leading drugs.

In addition to drug use, NYC also has a high number of people, some 400,000, struggling with alcohol use problems. A quarter of a million drug and alcohol users in New York City are enrolled in some type of rehabilitation and drug or alcohol treatment programs. The New York City Health Department states that alcohol is the most overused substance of all and the number continues to rise.

As treatment programs try to keep up with the numbers of people affected by alcohol and drug use problems it is tragic to say that change needs to occur before the numbers subside. There are a variety of rehab and treatment programs available to New Yorkers including 12 step programs and methadone clinics to name a couple, but their success is not measured; and treatment professionals estimate success at or below 20%. Perhaps this is due to their policies and philosophies. 12 step programs and clinics have been telling people for quite some time that their alcohol and drug use is a disease and that they cannot help that they use drugs and alcohol because they have a genetic defect. Both types of programs use support group meetings to manipulate and bully their participants into pledging abstinence, which they repeatedly fail to succeed. The revolving door to these programs never seems to stop and neither does the lifelong treatment. Perhaps a better solution is a non-treatment approach.

Freedom Model Retreats developed the first non-treatment program available. We use an education based program that employes Cognitive Behavioral Learning. (CBL) addresses your drug and alcohol use as a choice and not a disease. We are not a 12 step program and we do not use replacement therapy drugs to curb drug use. Our guests are empowered through the (CBL) curriculum and exercises to make lasting lifestyle changes. Through our program you will renew your self confidence and motivation to take control of their lives and finally overcome drug and alcohol use problems. They become proactive in their life and as a result are successful. Call Freedom Model Retreats today to finally stop using and drinking!


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