Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs - Continued

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs - ContinuedIf you are looking for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs, but you are wary of their methods and their claimed results, you are in the right place. Freedom Model offers an effective alternative to alcohol and drug treatment centers that make false claims of their success. No other program in the nation is a true alternative to treatment. Freedom Model created the alternative to treatment model.

  • You can change.
  • Freedom Model empowers you to overcome your struggles!
  • Alcohol and drug treatment programs will convince you of a false disease.
  • In contrast, Freedom Model bases their program on the facts.
  • You or your loved one is not diseased, you are misinformed and you struggle with counterproductive habits - and habits can change.
  • Are you ready to change?

The concept of self control can be used for any choice-based problem, from general unhappiness and lack of direction in one's life, to eating disorders, compulsive sex issues and gambling problems, to name just a few. The root of these human problems is centered on a perceived lack of life options. As a person becomes accustomed to coping with life in a certain fixed manner (even if it is inadequate) they may continue to repeat these behaviors until they become second nature, i.e. habitual. Once a particular mode of living becomes habitual, no matter how poor the results, other more productive lifestyle options become less and less possible to the individual. The perception of a "good life" becomes something of a dream, and not something that can be accomplished for them. It is at this point that desperation and depression can become daily habits, furthering an already inadequate set of coping methods. Remember, the brain will simply wire itself to accommodate repetitive thoughts, thus making it easier to fall prey to one's own negativity.

The Freedom Model philosophy (which is the counter philosophy to the standard disease based alcohol and drug treatment programs) is defined as: a universal philosophy which states that all people are given the personal right and the inherent tools to think freely and exercise those thoughts through free choice and free will, from birth to death, and that a single drive motivates the human race: the pursuit of happiness. Even counterproductive choices such as drinking and/or drug using excessively are based on the Freedom Model philosophy; you are providing yourself with the quickest known route to your personal happiness.

Many choices that may look insane to the outside observer (e.g. the crack user who gives up her children to continue to get high) are truthfully the best option that person can see for herself at that particular moment. So your job is to search out, discover, and attain new life options that will build a joyous, long lasting, deep sense of happiness and fulfillment rather than a life based on short term gratification coupled with a high level of negative consequences and chaos.

You have two main objectives in the building blocks of change: positively adapting to life's inherent challenges that are cast upon you, (e.g. a spouse leaving without warning, a job loss, natural disasters, etc.) and second, creating a proactive set of goals to build your new life: e.g. reducing or ceasing your substance use, proactively changing or ending abusive relationships, securing and creating a more fulfilling career, etc. The path to fulfillment is hampered only by the unwillingness to change and adapt to life's inherent challenges and avoiding the process of hard work to build lasting success for the future. Much of the misery that individuals accept as part of their life centers around repetitive choices that are characterized by a drive for immediate results and gratification, rather than accepting that long term happiness is dependent on a change in perception and a devotion to hard work. Also, you may want to avoid alcohol and drug treatment programs as well, as these are linked to learned helplessness and the programs contain extremely harmful misinformation.

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