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Alcohol Addiction and Drug Addiction Helpful INformationIf you are looking for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs, but you are wary of their methods and their claimed results, you are in the right place. Freedom Model offers an effective alternative to alcohol and drug treatment centers that make false claims of their success. No other program in the nation is a true alternative to treatment. Freedom Model created the alternative to treatment model.

Every human being is fundamentally motivated by a drive to find happiness. Since the underlying problem of human struggles is caused by a perception that options to find happiness are limited, people have a tendency to grasp that which they are most familiar with rather than planning and working for better options. These limited options may include drinking, drugging, being involved in unsatisfying relationships, and generally feeling as if they are "banging their head against a wall." How many alcohol and drug treatment programs do you need to attend to find success? The answer should be just one! Unfortunately, once an individual believes there are no better options to find happiness, the downward spiral of increased anxiety and depression as well as substance usage may occur. In short, you go to the options you know best instead of reaching for better ones. Conventional alcohol and drug treatment programs do not offer more appetizing solutions to an individual's self created mess, thus the high rates of relapse and the increase in mental illness diagnosis and decreased personal confidence are the results.

Moderate or Quit for Good - The Charting Process

You may be in one of three classes of individuals. There are those looking for a way to abstain from all substances forever. There are those who know they have some problems with substance use, but are not sure whether or not they want to quit entirely. And finally, there are family members or friends of those with substance use problems who need to learn how to deal with the substance user.

When alcohol and drug use has lost its appeal, and you find yourself continuously creating situations where you are making very poor decisions as a result of your substance usage, then moderating, at the very least, may be an option worth considering. As you begin to learn the methods to moderate, you will need to be completely honest when writing down and charting your usage. No one is going to be watching or monitoring you so lying is not necessary. There are no counselors or probation officers breathing down your neck. No one will judge you, your choices or your personal substance use levels.

It is estimated that approximately 35% of people attempting moderation will find they can either moderate their usage or they can quit completely if that becomes the desired result. The remaining 65% usually find their problem is worse than anticipated and they feel as if they are unable to moderate or quit on their own. This perception becomes their reality because they may have focused on their failings for so long that even the thoughts of overcoming these obstacles is overwhelming. If you have honestly attempted everything at your disposal and you have not successfully achieved the goals you have set for yourself, you may want to get additional help. The residential abstinence based Freedom Model Program providing the additional help you need is described at No matter how slight or how severe your problem may be, there is a specifically tailored solution for your problem within the Jude Thaddeus series of home based and residential programs. You no longer need to look at traditional 12 step and the newer styled holistic dependency based alcohol and drug treatment programs as a solution. The Freedom Model Program and the Freedom Model Home Program have revolutionized the entire alcohol and drug treatment program field away from models that harm, to models that actually are proven the most effective in the industry.


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