Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs

Alcohol and Drug Treatment ProgramsIf you are looking for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs, but you are wary of their methods and their claimed results, you are in the right place. Freedom Model offers an effective alternative to alcohol and drug treatment centers that make false claims of their success. No other program in the nation is a true alternative to treatment. Freedom Model created the alternative to treatment model.

This article is one in a series to help bring clarity to industry-wide misinformation that emanates from alcohol and drug treatment programs. With that said, let us begin teaching you how to gain greater control over your life.

If you want to believe you have the disease of addiction or that you have alcoholism or drug addiction, this article will have little actual application in your life. In that case, alcoholism treatment may be what you are looking for. Those programs teach the individual how to remain mired in the mess. Alcohol and drug treatment programs have been pushing this learned helplessness agenda for over seventy years now, with no success. Unfortunately, financial success for the alcohol and drug treatment program industry does little for those, like you, who desire to learn how to live a better lifestyle. What traditional treatment does teach is helplessness and learned failure.

A prerequisite for success in your goals is to accept total responsibility for the poor choices you have made in your life. This does not mean that you are responsible for the possible negative actions of others when you were a child and how that may have affected you. But, it does mean that you must be responsible for how you allow those past wrongs to affect you now.

Moving away from thoughts that are based in personal powerlessness is the first concrete change that you can make to begin rewiring your brain's neurons that are currently supporting your self-created depression, anxiety and general unhappiness. It has been proven that using methods such as the educational methods used in the Freedom Model Program have the ability to create a neuroplastic change in the brain, making positive changes in lifestyle easier as a function of time and practice. The goal of the Freedom Model Program, is to create a change in thoughts and actions as a means to stave off negative emotions and behaviors.

In studies where Cognitive Behavioral methods are used compared with individuals who were administered anti-depression medications, the rates of lowered depression were of longer duration in those who were taught to think more effectively and cope more positively with behavioral techniques than for those who were administered medication . This was groundbreaking, because it discarded the idea that those who are depressed will always be in need of medication(s) to build lasting stability and happiness. This is important. You do have control and it begins by the simple belief that this can work for you. However, this cannot happen if you have a belief system that is based on the standard alcohol and drug treatment programs that teach you personal powerlessness. Please remember, it has been shown that alcohol and drug disease-based programs actually diminish your probability for achieving abstinence and are frequently linked to failure.

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