Alcohol Recovery Centers In New Jersey

What Is the Best Alcohol Help In NJ?

Alcohol Recovery Centers in New JerseyIn the past decade New Jersey has seen an increase in the number of people using alcohol. Binge drinkers and excessive alcohol users have seen the largest increase especially among teens and young adults. If you are seeking an alcohol recovery center in New Jersey, you will discover that there are hundreds of treatment centers. Trying to decide which one to choose can be confusing and exhausting. It really comes down to which one will give you the results you hope to achieve.

There are a number of alcohol rehab and treatment programs available that promote the belief that alcoholism and abuse is a genetic disease and therefore it is not your fault that you drink; you were born this way. However, the truth is that drinking alcohol is not a disease and you were not born to do it. For the 400,000 people in New Jersey who have alcohol problems, this is an important truth because there is hope.

Nearly a quarter of a million people in New Jersey seek rehab or treatment for their alcohol use. Most enroll in a 12 step program that is religiously affiliated and that reinforces the idea that their drinking is not their fault because they have a disease and they are powerless over alcohol. 12 step programs also advocate that participants can only be successful through complete abstinence but relapse is guaranteed. 12 step programs also require that their members attend meetings where they are subjected to reproach and shame.

12 step programs promote the idea that alcohol users are never cured and that they will need lifelong alcohol treatment and recovery. Statistics show that of the people enrolled in 12 step programs, 95 percent drop out of the program by the end of one year because they believe they cannot live up to the demands of daily meetings and abstinence.

The truth about alcohol use treatment is simple: alcohol use is not a brain disease and it is not a genetic defect, but it is a behavior and a choice. You do not need lifelong alcoholism treatment and alcohol rehab to defeat your alcohol use problems. You simply need to build a new way of thinking and behaving, these concepts will not be found at an alcohol recovery center in New Jersey or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

If you are Looking for an Alcohol Recovery Center in New Jersey, Freedom Model's Can Help

Freedom Model Retreats offers a non-treatment program. Freedom Model's uses Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) methods which address your alcohol use as the choice that it is. While most of our guests strive to achieve abstinence as their measure of success, some have also sought and achieved success through moderation as well. You decide what is best for you. There are no support group meetings as they are not successful, instead we do provide education in small personalized classrooms with just 1-3 students per instructor.

Freedom Model Retreats is not a medical facility and we do not substitute prescription medications for recreational substance use. Our guests are empowered as they work through the program curriculum and learn they can take control of their own life and future. If you need alcohol recovery in New Jersey, call Freedom Model Retreats and let us help you break the cycle of alcohol problems in your life today!


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