Alcohol Rehab Options For College Students

Learn About How Freedom Model's Can Help Your College Student Overcome Alcohol

Alcohol Rehab Options For College StudentsToday, there are numerous alcohol rehab options for college students. Parents of students should do research on rehab options if their son or daughter is going through an alcohol or drug addiction problem. There are a few core rehab options that college students can explore.

Holistic Alcohol Rehabs: There are a variety of treatment methods in holistic rehabs such as acupuncture, herbal treatments, meditation, yoga and more. Why are so many different treatments offered? Simple. To attract clients who believe in one or more of these treatments. The holistic alcohol rehab programs don't have to believe in the therapies, it's only necessary that the potential clients are believers. It's a case of "If you want it, we'll provide it because we want your money." Indeed, the providers are unable to point to any scientifically accepted medical evidence that even a single one of these techniques is any more effective than simply doing nothing.

12-Step alcohol rehabs & AA: A majority of options for college students are 12 step alcohol rehab centers but just because 12-step are the most common does not make them anymore effective. In 12 step programs, the person who is seeking help must admit to a higher power that alcohol controls them. Admitting that alcohol controls your body and mind does not however help the person overcome alcohol problems, it conversely can make them drink more because they have something to blame their lack of self-control on.

In fact one of the most popular 12 step programs is Alcohol Anonymous (AA) which falls in a 95 to 98 percent failure rate category. These programs treat people for an illness and tell people they are victims and sick. Patients are convinced that they are powerless and always will be therefore they will always need recovery and treatment.

The Freedom Model Program is very different than traditional rehab programs. Students will learn that they are not powerless and that they can overcome their alcohol problems and move on to lead a healthy, successful life. While going through the life changing Freedom Model Program, college students can continue their college course work. Certified educators are there to help students with college work so students can finish the semester and not lose out on their college credits, which can be extremely costly.

Freedom Model's provides hope for a better future and motivation to make lasting lifestyle changes. We know they can overcome this rough period in their life and move past their destructive behaviors. Unlike other programs that have been proven to fail, the Freedom Model Program knows that people can and do overcome alcohol abuse as they see people do it every day.

Independent research data shows that most people stop abusing alcohol without attending treatment or support group meetings. You may be thinking why do some people stop on their own? Everyone has their own reason but most people naturally mature out of this instant gratification lifestyle to lead a more productive life. Our program is for those who may be struggling through this maturation process. We are here to help people through their journey and guide them in the process of taking control of their life, and building the life they truly want.

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