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Alcohol Rehab  For VeteransAlthough the Veterans Administration provides reimbursement for certain alcohol rehab treatment programs, it doesn't mean that veterans are getting the best care for an impending alcohol problem. Many veterans have dealt with alcohol problems after they served our country during wartime due to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) or feeling a lack of life purpose or boredom after returning home.

PTSD is debilitating anxiety caused by a exposure to a traumatic event or repeated exposure to trauma. Living through a difficult time can be traumatic and cause severe anxiety, and many veterans find themselves turning to drugs and alcohol to experience some relief. However even though some veterans may suffer from PTSD and drink and use drugs, there are just as many who do not choose to drink and drug. This leads to the conclusion that there is no "underlying cause" for binge drinking or heavy substance use. Contrary to popular belief and what alcohol rehabs for veterans claim, people never actually lose the ability to choose whether or not to drink or drug. PTSD or other life stressors may provide an excuse for making that choice to drink or drug, but people always maintain the power of choice over these behaviors.

There are veterans not suffering from PTSD or who didn't experience trauma in battle who are also struggling with alcohol and drug problems. Their reasons for choosing to drink or use drugs may involve boredom or fear and uncertainty about their future. Lacking purpose or feeling lost can make drinking seem like the easy thing to do. Our society tends to connect drinking as a coping mechanism for depression and feelings of failure. Instead of tackling each of life's battles productively, some people seek the instant relief alcohol brings to them. Many times the consequences of binge drinking reinforce their feelings of fear, inadequacy and failure.

The Freedom Model Program offers veterans a completely new approach to their alcohol and drug problems, and also to some of the emotional problems they may be facing. Rather than reinforcing their feelings of powerlessness, fear and failure; Freedom Model's shows them just how powerful they truly are. Many veterans have attended and completed the Freedom Model Program and it is truly an honor for us to host them. For those who are dealing with PTSD who may not have received the positive help they need from their current therapist, Freedom Model's can recommend a wonderful local Psychiatrist who has worked with many of our guests.

During the Freedom Model process veterans are taught the truth about their alcohol and drug problem; that they are not diseased and can overcome their feelings of powerless with respect to alcohol and drugs. They will also get the opportunity to really look at themselves, assess their choices, relationships and their lives, and then look toward their future. They will find their purpose again and set goals for how they would like to live, especially with respect to their drinking habits. They will finally be able to experience the true freedom for which they fought. Freedom Model's helps veterans plan for what's next and provides them the tools to succeed. If you have someone if you life that would benefit from the Freedom Model's Program, call today for help.


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