Alcohol Craving Symptoms

Things to know about alcohol cravings

Alcohol Cravings SymptomsTrying to cope with alcohol cravings after habitual alcohol use can be difficult. Boredom, anxiety and depression, wanting to escape from troubles; even trying to regain that feeling of elation that you experienced with alcohol use can lead you to believe you're experiencing alcohol cravings symptoms.

Individuals who develop physical dependence on alcohol often experience alcohol craving symptoms along with physical withdrawal symptoms when the individual stops using alcohol. Tolerance builds with alcohol use and it may take more and more alcohol with each use to feel the effects.

Those drinkers who develop physical alcohol dependence will need to detoxify from alcohol use. During detoxification the body removes all the chemical toxins that have built up in your system. Not everyone needs medical detox; it depends on how excessive your alcohol use has been. For some individuals, withdrawal can be very scary, extremely painful and severe cases, life threatening. You may experience alcohol cravings symptoms during the withdrawal process along with other symptoms such as: nausea and vomiting, headache and irritability, sweating, tremors and hallucinations, loss of consciousness and seizures. In some cases, individuals experience delirium tremens or the DTs. If you need medical detox, the best method is IV therapy medical detox. IV therapy is safe and effective and the method makes it possible for doctors to adjust your medication as your withdrawal symptoms change which keeps you comfortable. This is the best approach for alcohol use detox.

Traditional treatment programs, such as 12 step programs, will tell you that you are diseased and that there is nothing you can do about it; that you are helpless and hopeless, but that is not true.

Alcohol cravings are a cognitive element to alcohol use that you can control. They are the result of habitual thinking and thus have no power. You do not have to give in to cravings. Being aware of the things in your life that lead to alcohol craving symptoms is important; it will make it easier to change the habits and behavior that result in alcohol use. As you do not give in to alcohol cravings and actively build different thought patterns and habits, the cravings will become less pronounced and eventually subside all together.

A Solution For Alcohol Use

Freedom Model Retreats can help you with understanding what alcohol cravings symptoms are and what they are not, through our cognitive behavioral education program. There is no underlying cause for your alcohol use. You did not inherit an alcoholic gene. Habitual, heavy alcohol use is not a disease, it is a learned behavior. You may have learned to use alcohol from watching others use alcohol. You made the choice to use alcohol and your repetitive consumption of alcohol led to a habit being formed of alcohol use. You can make the decision not to use alcohol and your brain can relearn not to associate alcohol with the things that cause you to crave alcohol. To overcome habitual alcohol use, you just need to retrain your brain.

The Freedom Model Program will teach you how to take back control of your life from alcohol use and the alcohol cravings symptoms that result in your alcohol use. Our program teaches our guests self evaluation and self change to consider and change thoughts, choices and behaviors. Changing a choice that has been destructive in their life, results in developing new habits that are more productive and enhancing and reinforcing those new habits with behavior that leads them to become more motivated and self-confident. Discovering that they have the power to choose not to use alcohol is empowering. Our guests go on to have lifelong success in overcoming alcohol use problems permanently.

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