Where Can I Find an Alcohol Rehab in New York?

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Finding The Right Type Of Alcohol Rehab In New YorkMost alcohol rehabs found in New York are 12-step based. AA based alcohol rehabs in New York will instill fear on to you. AA based alcohol rehabs will tell you that drinking is a disease that is progressive and incurable, abstinence is unlikely to be maintained without special assistance; the underlying disease gets worse even during periods of abstinence and that you cannot be responsible for your behavior when either drinking or in the pursuit of alcohol. Most conventional programs and 12 step based alcohol rehabs, unfortunately, offer a message that is detrimental at best. It teaches you that you are powerless. How can these alcohol rehabs offer hope when the message is hopeless in nature?

If you are tired of the lifestyle you have been living. Tired of being told you have an incurable disease. Tired of going to daily meeting; then The Freedom Model Program taught exclusively at the Freedom Model Retreats can help. They offer a New York Alcohol Rehab. The Freedom Model Program will give you the tools on how to be happy and sober. The Freedom Model Program is not a 12-step based alcohol rehab. The Freedom Model Program is based on research and educating you about a different lifestyle. The Freedom Model Program focuses on accountability, choices, and behaviors which empowers you and builds hope. When you realizes that it is your choices and behaviors that have gotten you to this point, the good news becomes that you can change your predicament and life and build a plan (goals) to move toward a better and brighter future.

The best news is that life and your future are not out of our control. Although you cannot control certain things that happen in your life you can ultimately control your life outcome. If you believe that you can get well and stay that way for life and learn to handle what life throws at you in a more positive and productive way, than you will. If you believe you are sick and relapse is expected than that is what your life will consist of. With that in mind, you must learn and believe in your full power to create the life you desire.


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