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Freedom Model Retreats Is An Alternative to Traditional Alcohol Rehab

Are you Considering Alchol Rehab?

Alcohol Rehab TherapyWhen you are ready to get help for your alcohol use, there are a number of alcohol rehab therapy programs available to help you including holistic programs, 12 step programs such as AA, self reporting clinics, traditional inpatient hospital programs and alternative cognitive behavioral education programs.

12 step programs are the most common type of alcohol rehab therapy. 12 step programs, such as AA support the false idea that your alcohol use stems from an alcoholic gene that was passed to you from another family member and that you have an incurable disease. 12 step programs posit that the only treatment available is lifelong meetings and abstinence and belief in a higher power.

What Are Meetigns Like

Group meetings are often filled with bitter members venting their frustrations because they have not been able to successfully overcome their alcohol use, while the program uses labels and judgment to manipulate and control the members.

Methadone clinics offer a self reporting option for individuals to have outpatient alcohol rehab therapy. Individuals receive the drug methadone which they take rather than consume alcohol. Methadone is an opiate narcotic and in the same category as morphine and vicodin. Opiates block the opioid receptors, affecting the central nervous system. Individuals reported feeling elated and contented.

When used for the purpose of withdrawing from alcohol and ceasing consumption once you are detoxed from alcohol, methadone works. However, many individuals have reported taking methadone for more than 20 years. Some individuals begin taking it and never stop taking it. For individuals who over use or misuse methadone, there is the potential to have withdrawal symptoms that are more severe and last longer than alcohol withdrawal.

What Do Holistic Approaches Include

Another type of alcohol rehab therapy is a holistic approach which may include meditation, yoga, vitamin therapy and acupuncture. Individuals may find this type of therapy relaxing and soothing and in the form of outpatient or inpatient. Inpatient rehab therapy may take place in a spa retreat and may last from a few days to two weeks or longer. While this approach is appealing to some, it may not work for everyone.

Freedom Model Retreats is not a 12 step program and we do not exchange alcohol for other drugs. We are a non-treatment program that uses cognitive behavioral education to help our guests use self change and self assessment to teach our guests to reevaluate their choices and decisions and to make decisions that are more productive and to create habits and behaviors that are positive and encouraging.

The truth is that you are not diseased and there is no evidence to support an alcohol gene. You learned to drink from someone else, possibly a family member, but the choice to drink is yours to make and it is yours to change. You are not powerless in your alcohol use and you are not a victim, but you have the choice to not drink. Our guests discover that they have the strength to change.

Freedom Model Retreats offers a program that builds confidence in our guests and teaches them that they can have long term success without the use of alcohol permanently.


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