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Alcohol Rehab Information For Depression

Depression And Alcohol RehabAccording to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 14 million adults in the U.S. struggle with depression and alcohol use, that is almost 7 percent of the adult population. As one of the most common symptoms of excessive alcohol use, depression is also one of the withdrawal symptoms, not to mention the fact that alcohol is a depressant.

Making the decision to get help for your alcohol use is not easy, especially knowing that you will undoubtedly have to deal with depression while you are in alcohol rehab, but you can do this and once you have completed program, you will be ready to start your new life.

The Effects Of Depression

Depression affects individuals psychologically and physically and the symptoms can be so severe, they can actually impede you from getting the help that you need. The physical signs of depression may include fatigue, insomnia or you may have excessive sleeping, overeating or you may have a loss of appetite, headaches and abdominal cramps. Most individuals also experience the following psychological signs: trouble with concentration and remembering details, anxiety and irritability, feeling hopeless, extreme sadness and thoughts of suicide.

It is not uncommon for rehab programs to make a dual diagnosis that includes depression. They do this for a number of reasons including the ability to claim it on insurance, but also to treat two different conditions at the same time: depression and alcohol rehab treatment. The program you attend may prescribe anti-depressants, however there is a problem with this type of treatment. Remember, alcohol is a depressant. Once you are no longer dependent on alcohol, you may no longer be depressed and would not need anti-depressants or any other medication for that matter.

Some alcohol use programs see the importance of waiting until the individual is no longer using alcohol before they suggest other medication treatments for depression. One of the reasons is that it may not be in the best interest for an individual who is struggling with substance use, to be prescribed a medication that they can rely on in the future instead of alcohol to make them calm or happy.

Other Options

There are several different approaches to dealing with depression and alcohol rehab. Some individuals prefer a more holistic program with may include acupuncture, meditation, vitamin therapy and yoga. Holistic programs are available as an outpatient status where you would self report to a center to participate in the program and still be able to maintain your daily routine. Holistic programs are also available in retreats where you would spend a week or longer is a peaceful environment. While these programs work for some individuals, they do not work for everyone.

Probably the most recommended type of program for depression and alcohol use is a program that specializes in cognitive behavioral education. Cognitive behavioral education uses self change and self assessment to reevaluate the choices and decisions that an individual makes and teaches them to make more productive choices and decisions. Cognitive behavioral education also teaches individuals to develop positive behaviors and habits which lead to a life that is more purposeful. Cognitive behavioral education has been especially effective in helping individuals with depression because it helps them deal with negative thought patterns and to exchange negative thoughts with more positive ones.

Freedom Model Retreats offers a cognitive behavioral education program. We can help you become a happier person and discover your purpose.


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