Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program for Firefighters: Guaranteed Professional and Confidential

First responders must always be at the top of their game. If you've begun using excessively, here's how we can help.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program for FirefightersIf you're a fire fighter, paramedic, or other first responder, if you choose to use substances, you face a higher likelihood of using alcohol excessively. While nothing is inevitable and your substance use is still a chosen behavior, your career is particularly stressful and tied to your identity. It makes sense that maintaining tradition, your own high standards of conduct, and handling traumatic experiences might make periods of numbness or intoxication more appealing than usual. However, your profession is also tied to public safety and the safety of your fellow responders, and no-tolerance substance policies could be keeping you from seeking professional assistance.

Sobriety and moderation are possible, no matter who you are or where you decide to stay. However, at Freedom Model Retreats, we completely understand why fire fighters and other first responders have reservations about making that commitment. You sleep, work and eat with your colleagues, and your high-risk jobs are both uniting and defining. If you lose your job, you lose more than just a paycheck; you may risk losing your identity and your friendships too. However, if you don't stop drinking, you risk your life and the lives of everyone who depends on you to work with a clear head.

Freedom Model Retreats is particularly appealing for people with high-risk or high-visibility careers. We're not a rehab or treatment center, and we don't follow a 12 Step model, so your stay with us won't compromise your ability to do what you love. We want to help, not harm, your chances at living a successful and sober future.

No Insurance Interactions

At Freedom Model, we don't accept insurance payments, administer medical or psychiatric treatments, or keep any records of your stay with us. Unlike traditional 12 Step rehab or treatment centers, we don't treat our guests like patients or prisoners or base our curriculum on any insurance requirements. You won't find any 12 Step meetings where you have to declare yourself an alcoholic or make confessions. As a result, your stay won't result in medical or clinical records that a court can subpoena, and your employers won't be involved in the process even if they pay for your medical insurance.

Our process is a Cognitive Behavioral Educational one, you will have your workbook, and textbook in your possession at all times. Our staff does not make medical or clinical notes or records so you will have privacy and confidentiality.

No Group Confessions

We don't require you to interact with your fellow guests in any way, including "anonymous" meetings and sponsorships. You might choose to share your experiences with someone else in order to sort through them, but that doesn't mean you should be forced to make confessions in front of people you don't know or trust. We don't keep records of anything you say, and we don't organize group sessions or require you to make confessions. You don't have to look over your shoulder after leaving us; in fact, if you want to burn your own personal workbook and textbook, you can do that here as a final act of freedom and celebration.

Freedom Model will help you ignite the independence and confidence you need to make better choices and develop better habits. Without paperwork, insurance claims, or required group meetings polluting your stay with us, you'll be able to focus on your own personal goals instead of worrying about keeping your secret. As a fire fighter or other first responder, you should be thrilled about the opportunity to continue your career on your own terms. Choose to extinguish the appeal of alcohol or drugs in your life for good.


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