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Get Alcohol Rehab HelpWhen you are ready to get alcohol rehab help, it is important to know that you have many options available, however only one option has verified results. We will get to that in a minute. There are alcohol rehab programs, most of which implement 12 steps programs; holistic alcohol programs which use Eastern remedies for treatment and educational programs that help the individual to learn a different approach to their alcohol use. Unfortunately, all of these rehab or treatment options lower the chances of an individual with alcohol problems from overcoming their habit.

Realizing that you or a loved one might have an alcohol use problem is really the first portion of developing a strategy to overcome it. For many, it may be necessary to enter alcohol detox before proceeding to rehab. Alcohol detox will remove the toxins from the body that have collected as a result of alcohol use. Not everyone needs detox and it is best that you consult with a doctor before making the decision.

The Truth About Alcohol Rehab and TreatmentPrograms

Most alcohol rehab treatments follow a 12 step philosophy. 12 steps, such as A.A. teach the false belief that alcohol use stems from a predisposed genetic disease and that the individual with alcohol use cannot help that they drink because they are sick. This ideology is a way to shift responsibility and blame and it prevents the individual who drinks heavily from moving on because it keeps them indefinitely diseased. The 12 step belief is that the only treatment available is surrendering to a higher power, counseling for the rest of your life and abstinence; however they also believe that everyone relapses.

It is important to note that 12 step programs have a large enrollment, with more than two million members. However, the vast majority of that membership leave the program to the tune of a 95 percent dropout rate.

Alternative Programs To Alcohol Rehab

Non-traditional approaches to alcohol rehab have become popular. Most of these types of treatment are centered on Eastern remedies such as acupuncture, massage therapy, vitamin therapy and yoga. Holistic centers present a spa like environment and are available as an outpatient program which allows the individual to continue their daily routine which getting the alcohol rehab help they need. Some holistic centers offer an inpatient program which would make it possible to get away from the daily stress and get better before returning to a regular routine. These models have the same abysmal success rates as AA and the other false disease models.

The only true non- treatment, educational program, the Freedom Model Program, implementing cognitive behavioral education teaches that alcohol use is not a disease but rather, teaches the truth that this type of use is a choice that the individual makes. Freedom Model Retreats is a six week, non-treatment and non 12 steps program that teaches methods of self change and self assessment to the guest as a way to make productive choices and decisions. Our guests learn to develop positive habits and behaviors and they discover that they are in control and always have been. Our guests discover that they are not diseased and that they do not need to spend the rest of their life in meetings and counseling, but by making productive changes they can have a life that is permanently free from alcohol use and/or that they can control their use to any level they find fits their wants and needs.


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