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Inpatient Alcohol Rehabs Alterantive Information

Alterantives to Inpatient Alcohol RehabsIn the past, inpatient alcohol rehabs have been primarily designed around the 12-step AA philosophy. The setting is for as little as 28 days up to 12 months. Most clients choose the inpatient to break the cycle of using and focus more on what they need to recover. The inpatient guest will forego the family, work and other pressures of everyday life and try to concentrate on beginning a new life.

Considering the fact that the 12-step model is becoming less and less advantageous and successful, a new theory of choice-based facilities is emerging. The Freedom Model is offering a social/educational program designed to empower the guest to strengthen their will power and resolve and begin to make the right decisions for a happy, prosperous, successful life. Many other inpatient alcohol rehabilitation faciltiies can be holistic, multidisciplinary, or even religious. Many offer medical assistance that treat other issues such as mental health and physical situations along side the substance or alcohol use.

Impatient, hospital based programs have to meet rigorous medical standards in order to achieve licensing that residential treatment facilities and rehab programs do not have to meet.


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