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If you are seeking help because you think you are an alcoholic in need of New York Alcohol Rehabs please read the following article.

Alcohol Rehabs In New YorkThe number of New York Alcohol Rehabs is endless, with endless types of services. A person can spend years trying to research each, and figure out what rehabs is best suited for them. The services at one rehab may work for one person but not another and any rehab that can provide as much knowledge to a person and hard facts will give that person a much better understanding of the services they need.

When searching for a New York Alcohol Rehab, one should tour the facility and be able to sit down with someone to discuss the program that is offered. Learn the concept or approach that is taken at each facility and you will see that many New York Alcohol Rehabs are similar.

As with many Alcohol Rehabs, the disease concept or 12 Step approach is taken. This concept or approach makes a person powerless and so the person starts believing that they are powerless. The Retreats teaches people a different approach, that the person has the power to make their own choices. This model is called the Freedom Model.

The Freedom Model in comparison to New York Alcohol Rehabs and the 12 Step approach is a learning tool. You are no longer told you will have to live with a disease because there was never a disease to start with. You are now giving yourself the ability to make your own decisions instead of someone else telling you how your life is going to be. These are fundamental principles that each person is born with, yet once someone goes into rehabs that offer the 12 Step approach, they are stripped of those principles.

The Saint Jude Retreat Center offers an alternative to conventional Alcohol Rehabs. Since 1992 we offer a Non 12 Step residential program to completely overcome alcohol abuse. Call now for Help.


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