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Palcohol Addiction TreatmentPalcohol is alcohol that comes in a powdered form, to be mixed with liquid before consumption. It is manufactured in several flavors, and is designed to have the same alcohol content as a standard mixed drink when made according to the instructions (1 oz. of powder with 5 oz. of non-alcoholic liquid). It was approved for sale in April 2014, but the FDA quickly revoked this approval. Several states have moved to ban its sale, even before it becomes available, because of fears of misuse.

Concerns Over Potential Palcohol Misuse

Because Palcohol is alcohol in a different form, it has the same effects on the body as regular liquid alcohol. Consumption can lead to intoxication, which can impair function and judgment. Concerns about the additional risks of powdered alcohol focus around the possibility of snorting it, the possibility of misuse by minors, and its possible misuse by adding it into an alcoholic or nonalcoholic drink without telling the drinker. Snorting Palcohol could lead to rapid intoxication and isn't recommended by the manufacturer. It is subject to the same regulations as traditional liquid alcohol.

Palcohol Metabolizes as Alcohol

Both Palcohol and liquid alcohol are absorbed into the bloodstream and processed by the liver. At low levels, alcohol can induce a feeling of euphoria and reduced anxiety. It may reduce reaction time, impair judgment, and decrease fine motor control. At higher levels, memory, gross motor skills, vision, and other senses can be affected. Alcohol can have an initial sedative effect, but typically has an overall negative effect on sleep patterns. In extremely high levels, alcohol poisoning can occur and be fatal. The level of alcohol in the blood stream depends on several factors, including amount consumed, body weight, and how quickly the liver can metabolize it.

Changing Your Alcohol Use Habit Permanently

If Palcohol, alcohol, or other substance use is interfering with your ability to live the life you desire, help is available. A program that focuses on empowering its guests and the importance of personal responsibility will yield the best results in the long term. Getting the information you need to make better decisions is essential to a high rate of success and permanent change. Freedom Model Retreats provides a cognitive-behavioral approach that empowers you to make the positive lifestyle changes you wish to make.

Freedom Model Retreats is a non-12 step Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) program to assist you with your struggles with Palcohol, alcohol, or any other substance use. Please call 888.424.2626 to speak with a Guest Services Consultant. All calls are free and completely confidential.


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