Palcohol Addiction

Powdered alcohol. It's new. It's controversial. It's real. We break through the rumors and misinformation to give you the facts.

Palcohol AddictionAlthough drinking alcohol is a relatively well-known activity, not too many people know that alcohol can come in powdered form and this powder may be used in different ways. Palcohol is a brand of powdered alcohol made by the Arizona-based company, Lipsmark LLC. When added to water, the water with the added powdered alcohol turns into an alcoholic beverage, and thus makes drinking and transporting alcohol an easier activity then in just liquid form.

Federal Delays and State Bans

Currently, some state legislatures have moved to ban Palcohol from the market for fear that it might be used improperly. Though the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) briefly approved the sale of Palcohol on April 8, 2014. This approval was later rescinded on April 21 of the same year and reinstated March 12, 2015. Several states have moved to ban its sale in their states even prior to its release out of fears of misuse by younger individuals, spiking of drinks, and misusing the powder to maximize its intoxicating effects.

Palcohol Forms

There are four ways that Palcohol (or other powdered alcohols) can be administered: it can be added in water, it can be put into a capsule and taken orally, it can be taken with a nebulizer or it can be snorted. Because of its ability to be taken in different ways, some state legislatures have moved to ban the substance from the market for fear of being used improperly.

Finding Help for Palcohol

Because Palcohol is a form of alcohol, you can use or misuse in the same way as alcohol, including developing dependence with heavy use. Currently, there are no rehab and treatment centers specifically for those who have dependence on Palcohol but a program for seeking help with alcohol use would be the way to work on moderating or abstaining from alcohol and Palcohol.

Deciding to Stop Drinking

The reasons for using Palcohol are the same for those who drink alcoholic beverages. However, drinking too much of alcohol, powdered or not, may cause severe problems. Socially you may experience issues with relationships with family and friends, workplace and possible legal problems. Medically, high-blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, brain damage, and even death can result from long term excessive alcohol use.

Thankfully, the good news is that if you are considering moderating or abstaining from alcohol, you have the absolute power to control your drinking. If you are experiencing medical problems with your alcohol use, you may need to consider a medical detox to safely stop drinking. Our Family Consultants can help you determine if a referral for medical detox is appropriate for your health and well being.

Moving Beyond Substance Use Permanently

Once you are sober, you can decide whether you permanently discontinue your drinking, or continue to drink in moderation; no substance or beverage has any "magical" power over your life. Words such as, "alcoholism", "relapse" and "treatment" are completely useless; they are associated with helplessness, weakness, and the inevitability to failure — these ideas that are neither helpful in overcoming a created dependence nor true. Our program doesn't use these terms because we respect our guests' free will and their ability to make permanent changes in their lives. Our intent is to help you feel empowered and ready to move beyond substance use, freely and permanently.

If you want to control your drinking habits, through discovering your own power over your circumstances and consequences, you can stop feeling dependent on alcohol or other substances and depend on yourself to control your life. If our life changing program sounds like one you would like to learn more about, please call one of Freedom Model Retreats' caring and compassionate Family Consultants. Your call is always confidential and without obligation.


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