Reasons vs. Causes to Drink

What's the difference between a cause and reason, and why does it matter?

Reasons vs Causes to DrinkDo you want to stop drinking, but don't think you're capable of doing it yourself? Have you tried to set limits, but the effects of alcohol are more attractive than the merits of moderation or self-discipline? If you're ready to take responsibility for your habits and learn how to improve them, Freedom Model Retreats can help. However, we don't take the usual 12-Step approach, so you won't be able to blame a disease like alcoholism — or any other disappointment or setback you've suffered — for "causing" your alcohol use.

Before you get started on your path toward personal accountability, it's important to know the following facts:

You Are The Only Cause.

Most of our guests are heavy drinkers and/or drug users who want to change their harmful habits. They do this by implementing cognitive behavioral learning techniques, which allow them to understand themselves and their choices better. If you want to stop drinking, you must acknowledge your own power of control instead of signing it over completely to an outside authority or believing that addiction took it away completely.

While it's helpful and important to analyze the contributing factors that surround your alcohol use, blaming them won't help you to make better choices. That's why we encourage our guests to accept and learn how to cope with these factors. For example, if you drink "because" your life feels empty, you'll need to unpack that feeling and figure out how to remedy those feelings without alcohol. The reward for all that hard work? You'll gain long-term, if not lifelong, benefits instead of jumping from one short-term solution to the next.

There Are No Absolute Reasons To Drink

For centuries, people have overindulged in alcohol in order to avoid or ignore the stress and pain of daily life. Ironically, this excessive use often causes further damage to their careers, families, and relationships. Some view this as yet another "reason" to drink, while others decide to stop before the damage gets worse.

Consider the following examples of "reasons" that people give for turning to alcohol. Do any of them sound familiar to you?

  • Loneliness after divorce, or after a spouse or longtime partner dies
  • Boredom after retiring
  • Physical pain or discomfort associated with aging or health conditions
  • Disappointment after failing to meet longtime expectations, such as making a certain amount of money

In each of these examples, alcohol is not the only solution available. In fact, it's not even a real solution at all, because ignoring negative emotions doesn't make them go away. That's why...

You Can Learn How To Cope Without Drinking

If you've used alcohol to cope with recurring emotions or deal with problematic people, these factors won't go away after you stop drinking. Even worse, you've robbed yourself of the opportunity to grow and learn how to cope with them. At Freedom Model, you'll learn how to make a plan for your future and stick to it, so that you always have a solution ready for the problems you expect to face. That solution is up to you. Call us now to start your permanent solution to drinking.


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