Signs Of Alcohol Dependence

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Alcohol's Impact

Signs Of Alcohol DependenceExcessive alcohol consumption can have a significant impact on your health, your relationships with family, friends and colleagues, it can end your career and it can exhaust your finances. As those around you watch your life spin out of control, traditional treatment programs tell you that it is not your fault and that you have a disease. The fact is you are not helpless and you can change. Recognizing the signs of alcohol dependence is one step in regaining control of your life from the chains of alcohol use.

Many individuals who overuse alcohol may habitually miss work or school which could ultimately result in job loss or dropping out of school. Risky behavior may increase such as driving under the influence of alcohol and binge alcohol use. The individual may not remember events that occurred during alcohol use or they may experience a loss of consciousness. Signs of alcohol dependence may also include continuing alcohol use even when you have health complications such as liver disease. Some individuals may avoid activities that they once found enjoyable and use alcohol instead. Making or accepting reasons for alcohol use, such as the excuse that they have a disease or that they inherited alcoholism from their family are also signs of alcohol dependence.

Traditional Treatment

12 step programs and other traditional treatment programs speculate that alcohol use is a disease and that you have no control over your use. They advocate belief in a higher power and that you will need treatment therapy for the rest of your life, but you will never be cured. These programs take away all hope from individuals who want to stop their alcohol use.

The fact is that you do not have a disease and there is no alcoholism gene. You use alcohol because you want to use alcohol. Alcohol use is something that you learned. The decision to use alcohol was a choice you made and it is a choice that you can unmake. You can train your brain to learn something else besides alcohol use.

Freedom Model Retreats

The Freedom Model cognitive behavioral education program teaches that you have the power to make a different choice. Our program helps guests through self assessment and self change by reevaluating their decision and choices and changing them to choices that are more positive and productive. They learn to replace old habits with habits that are more enhancing and enriching to their life and to reinforce the new habits with behaviors that give them the self control and confidence they need to take back their life from alcohol use.

Freedom Model Retreats is not a 12 step program, we do not support an alcohol use is a disease theory and you do not need lifelong treatment therapy. At Freedom Model Retreats we do not resort to manipulation, labeling and judgment to control our guests, rather we help our guest understand that their situation is not hopeless, they are not helpless and they can break the chains of their alcohol use forever.


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