The Real Truth About Alcohol Addiction...

Alcoholism is not a Disease!

Learn the truth about alcohol addictionMany people quit addictions than maintain them, and they do so on their own. People often realize that they have put all their values "on the shelf," and think only of their self gratification when indulging in habitual drinking. The truth is that some realize that the drinking doesn't make them happy, and can't stop that downward spiral of depression and low self-image. They tend to focus all their perspective on drinking and forget all their goals and aspirations. There comes a time in most people who drink consistently that they don't drink to get drunk, but drink to feel normal. They are aware that when they change their perspective and concentrate on daily and long term goals, they feel better. Their self-image improves and they begin to need that instant gratification less and less. The desire to quit is simply a matter of changing the mind patterns and deciding that they are not willing to trade off all the good things in their lives for that immediate gratification. Drinking finally does not make them happy. The disease concept simply doesn't make sense. How can anything be stronger than the will of the individual. Any kind of use depends on choice. When a person realizes what truly makes them happy, than alcohol will be out of the equation.


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