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Alcohol Treatment FacilitiesIf you are looking for an Alcohol Treatment Facility you might want to know more about the Freedom Model Program. We offer the only Effective Alternative to Alcohol Treatment Facilities in the nation.

The Disease of Addiction Does not Exist.

Positive alternatives to drug and alcohol use are infinite. Prior to alcohol treatment facilities creating excuses (such as the disease theory) for substance user's inappropriate behavior, those who used substances excessively simply got over their problem, were locked away in jails and institutions or died. There was no middle ground. There was no tolerance for their abusive and sometimes criminal behavior. It was a simple problem; change your lifestyle or pay the price and the truth is, most changed.

However, during the last century the American culture has built intolerance for any personal discomfort, which has created a fertile soil for the seeds of the disease movement to grow. If there are excuses, like the disease theory, for people's poor behavior and immature selfish choices, then the growing pains associated with personal change and maturity can be avoided. Unfortunately, avoiding or delaying the natural maturing process is far more painful the older a person gets, chronologically.

Changing one's life does not have to be an agonizing process. Yes, it has its challenges but millions do it every day. And, let us not forget; life choices are the natural order of things. If this were not the case, the entire universe would be static. But it isn't; everything is in a constant state of flux. And, avoiding change is actually more costly than changing, in terms of personal joy and peace. This program is about how to make and embrace change. To do this, it is crucial to challenge yourself to move out of your "comfort zone" and into a new more fulfilling place in life.

Today, the cultural need for an "expert medical opinion" concerning normal life struggles is a major stumbling block for substance users. Many want to stop, but modern therapies found in alcohol treatment facilities across the nation with their myriad of inconsistent, confusing, and complicated solutions have not, and do not offer substance users an option that can adequately compete with the pleasures they get from using alcohol and drugs. Not only does the modern approach not offer a better alternative, but it compounds the problem by providing substance users seemingly viable, yet false excuses for continuing their inappropriate behavior.

Why is it acceptable to offer alcohol treatment that does not end in a fulfilling, successful life? So far, addiction treatment has stumbled along with the same abysmal success rate that existed since treatment first began! And, in most cases, going to alcohol treatment facilities actually lowers an individual's chances of moderating or getting sober, forever. This is why it is so important to dispel these false theories and find a solution that works. This program was created as a solution for those in need of a clear path to success and that is completely devoid of modern therapeutic errors and disproved theories. Once rid of contemporary approaches, a substance user can become open to lifesaving information.

The problems of selfishness, fear, unfulfilling choices and negative behaviors can be discussed once the illusions of disease and denial are dispelled. The following series of articles offer information to help you achieve a level of happiness that surpasses the comfort alcohol and drugs provide people living in "the gray area" between sobriety and active use.


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