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Alcohol Treatment In Connecticut

Freedom Model's Offers an Alternative Solution to Alcohol Addiction

There Are Different Solutions For Aclohol Use

Alcohol Treatment in ConnecticutIf you are one of the many people in Connecticut that is affected by excessive alcohol use and have been told you need alcohol treatment in Connecticut, you will be happy to know that there are more than 150 alcohol treatment rehabs and more than 50 alcohol detoxification facilities that can help you overcome your alcohol issue. You will not be happy to know that a majority of these facilities do not work, and do not actually provide a solution to alcohol use.

Alcohol treatment in Connecticut range in variety from holistic programs that offer a natural remedies such as acupuncture, yoga and meditation; clinics that issue alternative drugs to help you stop alcohol use, 12 step programs that present meetings, abstinence and religious principles and cognitive behavioral education programs that teach you how to modify your behavior to change your alcohol use.

As you search for the alcohol treatment in Connecticut to meet your needs, you should consider if you will need to detoxify. Detoxification is not necessary for everyone; it will depend on how much alcohol you have used, how often you drink alcohol and how long you have been using alcohol. If you are unsure if you need detox, consult with a doctor and they can tell you. If you do need detox, IV therapy medical detox is seen as the safest and most effective method for detoxification and it is recommended by many physicians nationwide.

Once you have successfully completed detox - or if you do not need detox - you may want to consider an alcohol program that will permanently help you move beyond continued use. The most common method for alcohol treatment in Connecticut is the traditional 12 step program.

Why 12 Step Programs In CT Fail Many

The philosophy of 12 step programs, hold to the idea that alcohol use is a disease that is inherited through your family genes. 12 step programs believe that the only valid treatment available is abstinence, belief in a higher power and meetings for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, 12 step programs also believe that you are powerless in your desire to quit your alcohol use and that you will relapse. The common sense of this philosophy is that if the first step to treatment is to abstain, but they believe that in the end you will relapse and fail; there is not a whole lot of encouragement to try.

Clinics that offer alternative drugs for alcohol use are also relatively popular alcohol treatments in Connecticut. These clinics provide to clients the drugs methadone and suboxone to take rather than consume alcohol. The idea is that you would take the drug which you receive when you self report; only through the alcohol withdrawal process. However, many individuals do not stop taking the drugs and statistics show that some individuals have been taking methadone and suboxone for more than 20 years. Cognitive behavioral education is a program that teaches individuals to use self change and reflection to make adjustments to their choices, habits and behavior, which leads them to have a life that is without the use of alcohol. Cognitive behavioral education does not support an "alcohol use is a disease" theory, but believes that alcohol use is a choice and you have the power within you to make a different choice.


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