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Alcohol Treatment In Pennsylvania

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Alcofol Treatment Is No Stranger To The State Of Pennsylvania

Alcohol Treatment In PennsylvaniaBinge drinking and excessive alcohol use are problems in Pennsylvania that affect the lives of nearly three million people. However, barely half million people seek alcohol treatment in Pennsylvania and the rest will go without help or try alternative approaches.

Forms Of Alcohol Help Found In PA:

Alcohol treatment in Pennsylvania is available in a number of different forms including: outpatient, inpatient, medical and nonmedical and cognitive behavioral therapy. Alcohol detoxification is another type of alcohol treatment. You may or may not need alcohol detox, it will depend on how much alcohol you have consumed, the frequency of use and how long you have been drinking. If you are unsure if you need detox, discuss it with your doctor. If your doctor suggests that you should detoxify, IV therapy medical detox is seen as the best method for detox in the country.

The 12 Step Model

Most inpatient programs for alcohol treatment in Pennsylvania are residential programs in which the individual stays for 30 days to 6 weeks or longer. Inpatient alcohol treatment programs are available in both medical and nonmedical approaches and almost all of them, with the exception of a few, such as Freedom Model Retreats, implement a 12 step program in their regimen.

12 step programs support the false idea that alcohol use is an incurable genetic disease that has been passed down through your family and it is a disease that you are powerless against. The treatment approach presented by 12 step programs includes belief in a higher power, meetings for the rest of your life and abstinence. With regard to the latter, 12 step programs stress that you will not be able to control your alcohol use and that you will fail and will relapse. They are in effect telling you that you will be unsuccessful in your efforts to abstain.

There are a number of clinics for alcohol treatment in PA that offer an alternative drug, as opposed to your alcohol consumption. Most of these clinics are funded by the government and so are either free or cost very little. Methadone and suboxone are two of the drugs that are used in clinics and both drugs are from the opiate family as are heroin and vicodin. Research has shown that a vast number of individuals who use the drugs suboxone and methadone for alcohol treatment never stop taking it. So, you are essentially trading alcohol use for an opiate, this is not an effective way to stop drinking.

Some individuals may prefer a more natural approach to alcohol treatment such as the use of yoga, meditation, vitamin therapy and acupuncture to help individuals struggling with alcohol use to overcome their problem. While a holistic regimen is very effective for some individuals, it is not for everyone.

Cognitive Behavioral Education

Cognitive behavioral education does not follow the same practices as 12 step programs, rather it promotes that alcohol use is not a disease but a choice that you make and while it is a leaned behavior it is not a genetic defect. In other words, cognitive behavioral education does not believe in an alcoholic gene. Rather it teaches individuals to make productive decisions and choices and to develop positive habits and behaviors that will lead them to a life that is more purposeful.


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