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Find Alcohol Treatment CentersSeeking assistance for excessive alcohol use can be difficult, but making the decision to get help is a step toward taking back control of your life. As you begin your search for a program for recovery, as you try to find an alcohol treatment center that is right for you and one that can meet your needs is not as difficult as it may seem.

Different Types of Alcohol Treatment Centers

There are a number of different types of alcohol treatment centers including inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment and different methodologies including traditional, holistic and educational programs.

Most traditional programs in alcohol treatment centers include a 12 step philosophy. 12 step programs teach that alcohol use stems from an incurable disease that is passed down through families through an alcoholic gene. These programs also teach that the only treatment available is surrendering to God and hope that you will be freed from your disease, abstinence and meetings for the rest of your life. 12 step programs promote the idea that people are powerless in their alcoholism and so although they promote abstinence, they are also saying that you will fail.

There are more than two million members enrolled in 12 step programs, such as A.A. Unfortunately there is also a 95 percent dropout rate that many believe is due to the fact that their members find it impossible to be successful in the program. Additionally, the use of labels in the program, feelings of judgment and manipulations that members experience is another reason members leave the program.

Alternatives To Traditional Treatment

If you are not interested in 12 step programs or substitute drug programs; you may find an alcohol treatment center that offers a holistic approach more suited to you. Holistic programs such as ones that offer yoga, vitamin therapy, meditation and acupuncture; provide a relaxing and renewing environment for individuals struggling with alcohol use to get well. While this natural approach is very effective for many, it is not for everyone.

An alternative to holistic alcohol treatment programs and traditional rehab, is the Freedom Model Program which incorporates an education component of the program that incorporates cognitive behavioral education (cbe). Cognitive behavioral education uses self awareness and self change to reevaluate decisions and choices. Individuals in the Freedom Model Program learn to make decisions and choices that are more enhancing and productive as well as to develop behaviors and habits that are purposeful and positive. Cognitive behavioral education builds self confidence and self esteem. Individuals completing this type of program will have the tools they need to be successful in sobriety.


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