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Is Mixing Crack With Alcohol Lethal?

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Understand The Dangers Of Crack And Alcohol

Is Mixing Crack With Alcohol Lethal?According to crack cocaine statistics, 34 million people have tried crack at least once in their life and more than seven million people are addicted to crack in the U.S. Millions individuals are affected by crack on a daily basis in the U.S. and while a small number seek assistance for crack use, many more never get the help they need. For these reasons it's important for people to understand if or if not mixing crack with alcohol is lethal.

What Is Crack?

Crack is derived from cocaine. It is usually found in rock form, but some people cook crack from cocaine powder. People who use crack may smoke or inject the drug into their system for the quickest effect. Crack use may cause hallucinations that are both aural and visual such as hearing people talk, sirens and seeing bugs crawling on their skin. Crack users also suffer from extreme paranoia and may be very suspicious of any movement in the area of use.

Crack becomes effective within a few minutes of use. How long it stays effective in your system will depend on how long the drug is used, the frequency of use and how much crack is used each time. Mixing crack with any other drug is dangerous, but there are special considerations when mixing crack with alcohol.

Mixing Crack With Alcohol

Crack users often experience unsteadiness or tremors and many believe that mixing crack with alcohol will help to steady the effects of crack; however that is not true. Mixing the two can actually increase the high from crack as well as prolong how long the high lasts because alcohol stimulates the central nervous system. Crack has a similar affect on the brain as well, increasing the levels of dopamine and can cause euphoria, but also behavior changes, panic attacks, paranoia and restlessness.

Mixing crack with alcohol creates cocaethylene which is a chemical produced in the liver and is responsible for the intensification of crack. Cocaethylene can also create breathing problems and increase heart rate. This combination makes it more likely to overdose on crack and alcohol. The combination of crack, alcohol and cocaethylene can be lethal when mixed together and could cause your heart to stop, breathing to stop and your body to shut down.

In some cases, alcohol does not work with the crack to increase the high, but works against it in a sedative fashion. This results in the central nervous system and brain to flip between sedation and chaotic movement which can result in the body shutting down completely. People who fall asleep from mixing crack and alcohol put themselves at risk of remaining unconscious. Mixing crack and alcohol will increase the intoxication effects of alcohol. It will take less alcohol to become drunk.

A Permanent Solution For Crack Use

Although crack is a water soluble solution and possesses no physical withdrawal symptoms, some individuals find that trying to break a crack habit is difficult. Freedom Model Retreats offers a six week, non-treatment program that uses cognitive behavioral education to help guest make choices and decisions that are more productive to their lives. Guests learn to use self change and self assessment to develop habits and behaviors that are enhancing and purposeful.


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