Am I an Addict If I Use Adderall to Study?

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Adderall belongs to an unofficial class of smart drugs" or "study drugs", which are getting more usage by the day. While it's only prescribed to treat attention disorders and narcolepsy, its cognitive effects-such as increased focus, energy, and patience - also occur in people without those disorders. This makes the drug particularly attractive on college campuses where academic pressures to perform can be intense. However, unlike many pharmaceuticals, students aren't buying and exchanging it for recreational or psychiatric purposes. They're taking it to meet deadlines, stay awake, and study.

If you've come to rely on Adderall to overcome procrastination, insomnia, anxiety, or lack of concentration, you might be ignoring the fact that these are preventable problems. You don't actually need Adderall to cope with these issues, many of which are self-made. You may need better time management skills, proper sleep and nutrition, and a willingness to change the way you study. However, choosing this temporary fix of taking a drug instead doesn't make you an addict. Remind yourself of the following facts:

Adderall Isn't Stronger than You

Smart drugs are a relatively new phenomenon, but many rehab centers and medical professionals already view them as "addictive" and warn about their long-term consequences. However,Adderall doesn't necessarily have more power than any other substance, and it definitely can't take away your own power to choose.

One obvious outcome of the increased use of Adderall is a rise in prescription diversion. Prescription diversion occurs when a person is legitimately prescribed a drug but sells or gives the drug to others who don't have a medical need for the drug. If you obtain your Adderall without a prescription, you participate in this. Whether you sell or buy Adderall, this is not legal and could cause you more problems than you think you are solving. There are better options to consider and get your needs met.

Adderall Is Supposed to Help, Not Hurt

Adderall has two federally approved uses: the treatment of fatigue in people with insomnia and the improvement of concentration, cognitive clarity, and focus in people with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). If you have any of these conditions but take Adderall in a way other than as prescribed, you're subjecting your brain and body to inconsistent highs and lows. This makes it impossible to correct the everyday chemical imbalances that can make studying difficult in the first place.

Adderall Use Doesn't Define You

If you view yourself as an Adderall addict, you're reducing your identity to one particular habit. No matter what you've heard about smart drugs or drug addiction, you are capable of making your own decisions. In fact, you're the only one who can. Adderall might change the way you think, behave, or perceive the world, but it doesn't change your personality or leave you with a lifelong disease. Instead of focusing on your drug use as an addiction, think about the reasons you take it, and try to brainstorm healthier ways to overcome the same obstacles.

You Are in Charge of Your Life

If you want to stop using Adderall or any other drug, Freedom Model's self-directed Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) programs could help you to do just that. 12-Step programs and rehabs will ask you to depend on a higher power and a rigid, lifelong recovery formula instead of solving the problem of substance use.

At Freedom Model Retreats, we'll only ask you to depend on yourself, because drugs don't have the power to prevent your progress. You have the ultimate power to change your substance habit and make that change permanent. Adderall or any other drug only has the power to make individual study sessions easier, while you have the power to change the way you study and function completely.

Call one of our Freedom Model Retreats Family Consultants now if you or a loved one is dealing with substance use and wants to make a permanent change to move forward in life without fear. All calls are free and confidential.


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