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Are Methadone Clinics Free

Is Methadone A Way To Fix Drug Addiction

Are Methadone Clinics FreeMethadone clinics are another type of drug treatment program, but are methadone clinics free?. There are public and private methadone clinics for the treatment of drug abuse. While private clinics are not free, public methadone clinics are government funded, have a waiting list and are generally paid for by the taxpayers. People typically detoxing from opiates or alcohol in some cases, will use methadone to keep them stable throughout the detox process and many think it will eventually stop their drug use altogether, but by and large this is not the case.

Since the inception of methadone clinics in the 1970s, methadone treatment programs and clinics are a multibillion dollar industry. Once funding passed from the federal government to the state, the number of methadone clinics expanded quickly, with private clinics increasing in number. The programs implemented were not well researched, were not effective and there are no restrictions to guarantee success. The general idea behind the clinics is that they substitute methadone (a controlled substance) for the drug being used. Basically they are substituting one legal drug for another or otherwise known as replacement drug therapy. When coming off methadone there is a physical withdrawal period, the same as with substances it replaces. It is not uncommon for methadone clinic clients to spend years getting treatment in the clinics with many going back and forth between methadone and recreational opiate use, leading to perpetual treatment without success.

Methadone clinics also require people seeking and receiving treatment to participate in counseling and support group meetings. Group therapy and individual counseling are mandatory components to methadone treatment. The methadone is supposed to curb the cravings for illicit drugs such as heroin and other opiates, while the counseling is supposed to provide emotional support and identify the triggers of substance use. Unfortunately for the majority of people, they return to illicit opiate use. At Freedom Model we do not advocate methadone replacement therapy or methadone clinics even if they are free. This type of treatment is not effective and methadone is quite dangerous, accounting for most accidental overdose deaths nationwide.

The answer to the question, are methadone clinics free, lies in the research that reveals an outstanding number of people who seek treatment in methadone clinics return to their drug use with months of being "cured" at the expense of the taxpayers. Research shows that not only are they not free, but methadone clinics are not successful and cost the taxpayers millions. Pharmaceutical companies and the clinics owners got wealthier, but drug use did not decline.

Methadone clinics and other treatment and rehab centers use replacement drugs in their detoxification and treatment programs. Those programs support a dependency, albeit on a different drug, but a drug nonetheless. That type of treatment perpetuates the cycle that keeps people in never ending treatment, or worse encourages alcohol and drug users to continue heavy, uncontrollable substance use. These methods do not work because they diminish self confidence, reinforce a lack of control, and feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness.

Freedom Model Retreats is a non-treatment program meaning that we recognize that drug and alcohol use are patterns of behavior and not a predetermined, genetic disorder or disease. We are not a drug treatment facility or rehab center, nor do we offer medicines or other drug substitutes to cure or treat alcohol or drug abuse.

Rather, we offer an effective alternative based on more than 20 years of research. Our guests gain the realization that it is their choice to drink and use drugs and just as they choose to do it, they can equally choose to stop. Through new learned thoughts, behaviors and actions, our guests develop a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment and a self motivating strength that gives them the power to change the behavior, thereby breaking the cycle of "addiction" without using drug substitutes.

There are no step programs or ideas inflicted upon our guests. We do not pass judgment nor do we teach that success is only measured through sobriety. We do not use tactics that demean or break down our guests' but exercise true compassion to build on their hopes and dreams and to lift them up in support and help them see their natural positive characteristics. At Freedom Model we help our guests see that their lives are worth fixing and their situations and problems are changeable.

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