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Freedom Model Program PreviewIn order to build your new life you will need a starting point from which to gauge your progress and success. You will find that evidence of success will provide additional motivation to make even more changes in your thinking, emotions and behaviors.

To get an accurate assessment of your current unsatisfying condition, you need to figure out how your life got into its current state. This is called your baseline. This baseline, or current state, when understood clearly, can provide the knowledge to help you restructure your life. You will need to examine your past in detail, so you can change the negative aspects of your life into new positive values and positive habits. Without a solid understanding of where you went wrong in your past, you will most likely repeat these patterns, and negate any progress that could have been made.

So far, the first nine chapters have required little effort on your part. We have discussed many concepts and new ideas. Below is a listing of what you have learned so far:

  • You understand that there are five natural axioms that govern the universe and the human condition.
  • You understand that adhering to these axioms will benefit your life and help you find happiness.
  • You understand that neuroplastic changes in the brain are created through thought and action in both negative and positive directions, and that you have full control over which direction these changes occur.
  • You understand that, if you have knowledge of where you went wrong, you have the ability and option of changing anything or everything in your life.
  • You understand that freedom and the pursuit of happiness are the positive driving forces of life.

Now it is time to begin making these concepts a working part of your life. You will be writing your autobiography in Workbook #1 or your notebook (whichever you prefer) to create the baseline; showing events, emotions and general negative habits that have gotten you to this point in your life. The workbook is structured with examples and clear instructions making it easier to create an organized autobiography. In this chapter and the next you will learn exactly how to write your autobiography...

...Remember that neuroplasticity can work in negative ways just as easily as positive ones. If you sit and wallow in this autobiographical process, procrastinating for days on end, you are actually reinforcing your own depression and feelings of self-loathing. Nevertheless, be thorough. But, be careful not to saturate your mind with self-pity and guilt, which would stand in the way of any attempt to mature and move beyond counterproductive habits. We are teaching you to look your dragons in the eye, once and for all, and to slay them. Then move on...

...When you have completed the Childhood Years of your autobiography, continue with the next chapter to complete the Adolescent, Adult and Senior sections. They are all completed in the same format, so you should find the later sections easier. Writing an autobiography is not easy. Many people are fearful that they may be doing it wrong. If you need help or direction with your autobiography, please feel free to speak with your instructor or a director as they have literally helped hundreds through this very process. As always your discussions with Freedom Model Retreat staff are kept completely confidential.

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