Becoming Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol

Addiction Is Not A Disease, Let Freedom Model's Teach You Why!

How To Become Addicted To Drugs Or Alcohol?Struggling with drug and alcohol addiction can be devastating. It can destroy marriages, relationships, careers, finances and health. Why do people become addicted to drugs and alcohol? The question has been asked countless times. Some people believe that they were born to be drug addicts or alcoholics because perhaps drug and alcohol use is common in their family. Others say that since their father drank, they are hereditarily supposed to drink as well.

While many in the rehabilitation and therapy professions try to convince everyone that alcoholism and drug addiction are both diseases and require treatment; the truth is that science has still not discovered an addiction gene and cannot empirically declare that addiction is a disease. Remember the person who says that he/she drinks because his/her father drank? That explanation is actually closer to the truth. That person learned to drink by watching their father drink. So, their drinking is a chosen learned behavior, not genetic.

Substance and alcohol use is a voluntary choice. Becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol begins by using drugs (either prescription drugs or illicit drugs) and alcohol. A habit cannot form or develop if drugs and alcohol are not being used regularly and heavily. overuse. People don't use drugs and alcohol against their will; it is always a deliberate choice.

If you feel as if your alcohol or drug use is out of your control, whether you have a prescription or use recreationally, there is help. Realizing that drug use and alcohol use is a choice, it is possible to sidestep the conventional rehabilitation programs and 12 step programs and look for a more effective solution.

Ineffective Alcohol And Drug Treatment Methods

Conventional alcohol rehab and drug therapies follow an addiction is a disease model and their treatment largely consists of group therapy and support meetings. Additionally many addiction treatment providers prescribe medications to treat addiction and emotional problems that can accompany substance use. These treatments perpetuate and reinforce feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness leading many people to struggle with repeated relapse.

Drug and alcohol use and overuse is not a disease, but a choice. For that reason, people struggling with addiction do not need treatment for a disease, they need to learn how to make different choices and take control of their lives. This is achieved through educating people that they do have the power to change.

If you or someone you know needs help gaining control over drug or alcohol use, Freedom Model Retreats can help. Freedom Model Retreats offers the only non-treatment program; meaning we are nothing like a conventional drug or alcohol treatment program. Unlike 12 step programs that support group therapy and resort to harsh criticism and blame, Freedom Model uses an education based program based on the science of personal change. There are no medicines prescribed as drug substitutes which only prolong the problem.

Once you learn that you can change your habits and behaviors and replace them with more positive choices, you will feel empowered. Our guests become more confident, motivated and they realize that their life is not hopeless and in their hands. Freedom Model Retreats have been helping people overcome drug and alcohol use problems for over 22 years. Thousands of guests have gone on to lives free of substance use problems and so can you. Call Freedom Model Retreats today!


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