Behavior Therapy for Alcohol and Drug Use

Freedom Model Retreats Does Not Use Therapy For Alcohol And Drug Use

Behavior Therapy for Alcohol and Drug UseCognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) teaches that all behavior is a choice. (CBL) recognizes that you are in control of your decisions and allows you to reconsider behaviors and habits connected to alcohol and drug use. Behavioral Education is different than behavioral therapy for drug and alcohol use and does not manipulate, judge or label. It does not tell you what or how to think, but teaches you behavior skills that allow you to address your problems and get past them forever. Behavioral education teaches people how to move past their circumstances and to have the life they want rather than be trapped in terminal treatment and rehab.

Cognitive Behavioral Learning teaches individuals how to take personal responsibility and to identify and correct problematic behaviors. (CBL) enhances freedom and self control by considering positive and negative outcomes of use; it teaches self monitoring to recognize thought and behavior patterns, to identify short term pleasure seeking from long term goals, and plan actions accordingly.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for alcohol and drug use is very different than behavioral education. Therapists analyze past behavior in a therapy session and many take a moralistic approach to alcohol and drug using behaviors. Most therapist teach that there is no cure for alcohol and drug addiction while at the same time trying to teach people how to change their thinking. This is an irreconcilable dichotomy for many and results in low success. To the contrary, (CBL) teaches that each individual has the power to control their thoughts and not let their thoughts control them and drive them to substance use. Trauma and stress in a person's life does not have to end in substance use. Substance use is a choice, and as such you can learn to make different choices. Stress will always be a part of life, but the choice to use does not have to be the solution to stress.

Behavioral education teaches people to use self evaluation to promote self change and positive reinforcement. Through self examination of thoughts, actions, motivations, choices and goals, an individual can develop proactive habits that are healthier and more productive. The change is from within.

Treatment programs ignore the fact that people change from the inside out. Change starts with the thought, "I must change." 12 step programs and rehab teaches that all addicts need lifelong treatment as well as drug and alcohol rehab. They attach labels which leave the participants feeling inadequate and debased. It really is no wonder that a high percentage of the people who enter those programs drop out because of the programs lack luster results. 12 step programs and rehab treatment promote the idea that you cannot change because you are diseased and there is no cure, therefore there is no change. However, that is not true and you are not diseased. People are not destined, by genetic defect or otherwise, to become alcoholics or drug addicts.

Drinking and drugging in excess is a choice that has been reinforced by habits and behavior. You have the power to make the choice not to use drugs and alcohol. Once a different choice is made and new behaviors are developed and reinforced, the cycle is broken and your life will be free from excessive use forever. You will not need lifelong treatment and rehab. You are not sick, diseased and weak. Rather, you have the power and self control to overcome your drug and alcohol use problems. Behavioral education for alcohol and drug use works!

Our programs is the original non 12 step and non treatment program that uses the process of Cognitive Behavioral Learning. We help our guests understand that they have the power to change their destructive choices and replace them with healthier choices. We have been helping people for more than 20 years and we can help you as well. Call Freedom Model Retreats today and let us help you regain the power over your life!


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