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Do the "best" alcohol treatment centers really work?

Best Alcohol Treatment CentersIf you are struggling with an alcohol problem you probably are seeking the best alcohol treatment center possible. This is understandable because you most likely believe that overcoming an alcohol addiction is impossible, but that is far from the truth. In fact, living without alcohol does not mean you have to completely change your life, it simply means you must make different choices.

So how does someone become sober without locking themselves away from society, friends, and family? There is not a "one size fits all" answer, but in many traditional alcohol rehab centers, complete abstinence is the only goal. Anything short of that goal is seen as failure. Not only is this limiting, it's not realistic. People who attend rehab leave with the belief that "recovery is a lifelong process and relapse will happen and is normal" which then becomes an excuse to begin drinking again at any point in time. This is why even though rehabs claim they have the "best methods" their programs have numerous drop outs and high failure rates.

One reason why people with alcohol addiction "relapse" is because they find the idea of lifelong abstinence from alcohol is unacceptable to them. Those who do eventually break their sobriety can have an extreme feelings of guilt, remorse and failure, which does not help contribute to a productive future.

Dr. Laurel Sharmer, Ph.D. claims that people who do start drinking again after a rehab program need to understand that they have the choice to stop drinking again. Sharmer claims, "Addiction is not a disease, but that does not stop those who are making money off a constant supply of sick people from treating it as one. Furthermore, once you tell someone they are sick, they will believe it and will start to internalize it, this doesn't lead to productive results."

As you embark on the Freedom Model's journey you begin to create new habits and goals that will become more important to you than drinking. To many who have become familiar with 12 step rehab language and powerlessness you will find the idea of gaining power over alcohol and drugs revolutionary. The Freedom Model Program is an approach built on taking control and consciously directing your life instead of focusing on obstacles and failure. Anyone, regardless of their previous treatment, current situation or drinking level can understand and implement the program, and can change, which is why it's truly the most successful.Call today to begin your new life 1-888-424-2626


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