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Freedom Model's is not a drug rehab but can help you overcome your opiate use problem

Best Opiate Drug Rehab And Treatment CentersOpiates have been around for several thousand years and possess a long history of providing pain relief. People use opiates recreationally because of the rushing sensation of pleasure they receive from them. Some people begin using habitually to keep experiencing this pleasure. Once use has become habitual, many people feel as if they have lost control and cannot stop using on their own. If you think you need help and are seeking the best opiate drug rehab center it is important to do research on what that help entails.

Drug Treatment for opiate addiction may not be helpful. Most people don't realize that many addiction counselors at 12 step programs are past substance users who identify themselves as being in recovery. These are people that have accepted that they are powerless over opiates. . Some may be prescribed replacement therapy medications and many relapse. These people believe they must "give it away to keep it" and thus feel trapped at their jobs. They often pass on their personal negativity to those who are new at rehab, reinforcing the substance users feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness.

Many opiate treatment and drug rehab centers use scare tactics through their therapy programs that are supposed to help people overcome opiates. They tell patients that if they don't stop using opiates they will die. While this certainly may be true, negative motivators have been shown to be largely ineffective. Therapy sessions additionally focus on the weakness of the person instead of focusing on the talent they possess (Peele 51). Therapy most times won't make someone feel better about their drug use; it will just conjure up old resentful feelings in the past.

Another damaging part of 12 step drug rehabs is the recovery and follow-up programs. Labeling someone forever in recovery, implies that their drug addiction lies dormant within them waiting to emerge. This idea keeps the individual chained to their past behaviors. Many "acclaimed" best opiate drug rehab centers will even promote relapse by saying it's a normal part of the recovery process.

Many rehabs will claim they have the best opiate treatment but be wary. A majority of programs prescribe long term replacement therapy drugs as the solution for opiate dependency. Replacement therapy drugs are unnecessary, largely ineffective at keeping people off recreational drugs and dangerous. The only effective way to overcome drug use problems is to make the commitment to stop your drug use and realize that your drug use is temporary behavior you can overcome.

What Makes Freedom Model's An Alternative To Opiate Drug Rehab?

If you are looking for the best opiate rehab or treatment center, Freedom Model's offers the most effective program to help people overcome opiate use problems. Instead of therapy we use Cognitive Behavioral Learning to help guide you to the path of happiness and success. We can provide you with the guidance and encouragement to change your pattern of thoughts, choices and behaviors. Your experience will be only about you and the factors that will create lasting happiness for you.


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