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Freedom Model Program PreviewWe hope you can now see that you have the ability to take control of your life. You, like everyone else, have natural gifts, and you can change anything or everything in your life. Do not let guilt and/or self-pity destroy your new dreams! This would be tragic, not just for you, but especially for those who love you; the ones who have stayed by your side. You owe them your best efforts today!

It is time to create a life that reflects your abilities. When people search inside and make the decision to better themselves, and then act on that decision, they improve the lives of those around them as well. Parents, children, friends, and co-workers who have been affected by your past immaturity now deserve the best. This chapter is about creating the best for you and those around you!

Over the next few pages we will help you to take all of your lists of talents, newly practiced habits and new self-images and sift through them and organize them. Your instructor along with your Life Movements Workbook will help guide you through this process.

You could probably move on in your life without defined goals, but this would leave you susceptible to being negatively affected by changing circumstances like the boat without the rudder. It doesn't make sense to come all this way, and then leave your future to chance.

Goal-setting creates a direct path to happiness. It generates a passion for life. Goals call upon your talents and fill your heart with optimism. You began living your new self-image when you committed to using the positive attributes of the Thought Process Chart, when you explored happiness, and when you identified your talents. Now you will put all that information into a plan of action....

...Let's review: you know the talents you possess. You know, to one degree or another, what makes you happy. You know what future behaviors and actions you need to help you become happier. You have begun living by the axioms described in the early chapters. You have replaced negative emotions and thoughts with positive ones. You have an accurate chronicle of your past, and current, choices and behaviors. You have a new set of self-images that define who you want to become. Now you need to combine all these elements to create a single comprehensive plan that will help you become a more fully-developed person.

You will need to build a goals list based on everything discussed in the previous chapters. There are daily goals, many of which you may have already begun without even knowing it, assuming of course, that you have been following through with the process along the way. You will then create a list of long term goals...

...The SJP teaches you how you can change yourself. You are responsible for what you get out of this program; just as you are responsible for your own life. All of the ability lies within you. If the SJP was the power that changed people, participants would always need to have the text handy and be in correspondence with our instructors. In fact, we encourage all of our participants to move on with their lives. The program's goal is that you become a fully functioning person, not within a program, but in the absence of a program! In other words, you are truly free!...

...Refer back to your happiness lists in your workbook. Identify the activities that need to be practiced on a daily basis and begin making a list of those activities. These will become your daily goals.

You may find that you need some help with this process. Our instructors are here to help and guide you. Much of what you write will mirror the positive thought processes you have been practicing already. If you are trying to be a more positive, active person, the benefits will be obvious. Daily goals are simply a more detailed written version of the habits you have already been practicing.

If you have not been practicing the principles and behaviors in the positive column of the Thought Process Chart, you can build these habits now through your new daily goals list. As time passes, these daily goals will need to be updated constantly. Build and practice them now to create the needed change in your life. The feeling of accomplishment and personal confidence will be quite extraordinary. It is time now to move on to three proven daily habits, that when practiced with diligence, can help you transform yourself into more fully developed people.

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