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Freedom Model Program PreviewThere is no stopping you now! From this chapter on, you are going to focus your efforts on the future. Any workbook lessons from this chapter forward will be completed in your Life Movements Workbook. The past is over. You are now going to learn how to move beyond the patterns of the past. There is a distinct line drawn at this point. Your old life will now be dealt the final blow and a new life plan will begin to grow where the old one was left behind.

First, you have constructed your autobiography; then you analyzed your thought and behavior patterns in the last chapter. If you are still confused about the habits and activities that got you here, please sit down in private with your instructor or one of the directors. They are there to help you through this process. The worst thing to do is try to move forward if you are less than confident in your self-awareness.

From here on we will assume you have had a dramatic change in your thoughts, with regard to yourself and your past habits. You know exactly where you went wrong, whom you hurt, and ultimately why you have been so unhappy. Are you now ready to build your future and leave your negative life choices behind? Let us get started on the next phase of life reconstruction...

...As we have stated, our goal is to help you adapt and change according with your life circumstances. We want to empower you to grow past the counterproductive patterns of your past. Remember, changing your life is the most important of all the amends you can make. In order to make this occur, it is crucial to have a clear idea of the future person you want to become.

Your new self-image may be that of a person who is kind and handles situations productively. You will learn to be patient, stable, loving, forgiving and productive. However, if your self-image remains as it has been, you will probably remain counterproductive. There has to be a starting point for your new existence. You must begin to dream and change. Imagine the person you want to be. All the successful people around you have done this and continue to grow each day. Isn't it time for you to join humanity on a mature level and let go of self-hatred and depression?...

...A self-image is a personal mission statement. It states what kind of person you want to be, and how you will behave today, tomorrow and the day after that. It is what enables you to gain trust and thus have productive discussions with those you have harmed in your past. We have discussed maturity and our need for it if happiness and joy are to be a consistent part of our lives. We defined maturity as an individual's ability to adapt and change according to life's circumstances which are always in a state of flux.

Transforming your self-image is pivotal to your progression to happiness. It is a personal choice that you will handle situations in accordance with the five axioms...

...Your goals for this chapter are the following:

  • Assess your current external and internal self-images - in other words who are you really? The autobiography analysis should have prompted many thoughts on this subject. Do your internal and external self-images match and are they satisfying to you? Do they produce the life and values you truly desire?
  • Decide if your current self-images are the set of self-images you want as you move forward.
  • If not, develop new self-images based on the values you want to follow in your new life...

...The next few chapters will teach you exactly how to get from this point, which is writing down the person you want to become, to actually becoming that new person. The journey between these two points can be unbelievably exciting and life transforming. This change is what we have been preparing you for during all the previous chapters. This is the physical and emotional embodiment of making true reparations to ourselves and those we love, and of living the life we had secretly been dreaming about, but believed could never happen. Not only will you achieve your dreams, but you will learn that your initial dreams were just the beginning. So much more awaits you!

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