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Freedom Model Program PreviewEducational Characteristics of the Freedom Model Program.

The Freedom Model Program is an educational process to help people learn to overcome substance use problems. The Program teaches people that the key to changing their lives lies in taking responsibility for their choices regarding drinking and/or drugging. The program then educates them on how to live a life filled with the rewards of their success. The Program is based on the Freedom Model philosophy, which holds that all people always move in the direction of what they believe will bring them the greatest level of happiness.

The approach laid out here is straightforward. It teaches how to make better choices and find success and satisfaction using a method that has worked for thousands of other people with similar problems. You will learn the meaning and value of self-directed neuroplasticity, the science of how the mind changes the brain, and how you can put this scientific discipline to work in your life.

The program is educational and based on an entirely different approach from the ones used by the more common counseling, therapeutic, or new age holistic programs. These other methods do not allow individuals the rights of choice, accountability and power. The educational Freedom Model lets each person use those qualities which empower him or her to accept personal responsibility for all past, present and future behavior, to exercise choice based on internal strength, rather than perceived weakness, and to delight in the rediscovery of his or her power. The idea that you can easily change your substance usage habits, which is contrary to the premise of all other treatment programs, is just one of the ways the program helps people find a happy, productive life.

Social Characteristics of the Program

The Program is structured so that the opportunity exists for people to learn how to function and interact with others in an appropriate and adult manner. Learning how adults productively work together is a vital aspect of the retreat house experience. Retraining yourself on how to relax, combat boredom and participate in pleasurable activities that do not involve substance use and abuse is an important component of the program. Participation in the various social activities is optional but strongly recommended. You will have the opportunity to participate in a myriad of activities throughout your stay.

Please feel free to speak with the Director if you have an idea for an appropriate group activity that may not already be offered. If available we will do our best to accommodate your request. However, just as in life, the benefits received from a social/educational program are directly proportional to what one personally invests in it. The primary responsibility for change is created by the guest rather than the program. We teach what success is and how to achieve it, but the guest has to "do it."

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