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I Am A Christian, What Is the Best Help For My Drug Problem?

Christian Drug Addiction Treatment HelpDrug use is nondiscriminatory. Christians, non-Christians, people with no religious affiliation, spiritual and non-spiritual people struggle with substance use problems. There are a lot of treatment options for drug use including 12 step programs, self help treatment centers, medicine and alternative drug therapy and behavioral therapy. If you are a Christian and need drug addiction treatment, there is help available for you.

Most of the religiously based programs are influenced by 12 step programs. These programs promote the idea that drug addiction is a disease, that it is genetically inherited and that there is no cure. 12 step programs also promote that success is only achieved through total abstinence while proclaiming that relapse is an expected part of recovery. Religion will be the center of all 12 step based programs as the books are religious in nature, the organization of the meetings has religious overtones, the principles use scripture, etc.

Group meetings where individuals share all aspects of their walk in sobriety is a requirement in 12 step programs. 60 to 95 percent of the people who enroll in 12 step drug programs drop out because they believe that they cannot abstain from drug use.

Methadone clinics are another drug treatment options for Christians. There are both public clinics that are government funded and grant funded private clinics. Methadone is a controlled substance, which is used as a replacement therapy for substance use. Many people who take methadone never stop taking it. Methadone is prescribed as a lifelong treatment but is actually completely unnecessary. If you decide to stop taking methadone, you will experience withdrawals just like you would with opiates.. Group meetings are a requirement for participation in methadone clinics.

There are several Christian groups that offer self help drug use treatment, however almost all of them incorporate the 12 step program into their treatment. While some may offer behavior modification techniques and behavioral therapy, many also offer the use of prescription drugs as well along with mental health diagnoses.

An alternative for Christians who need help with stopping drug use problems is a non-treatment, behaviorally based program. Cognitive Behavioral Learning does not address drug use as a disease, or a genetic defect. (CBL) is a research based approach that views addiction as a habitual behavior problem and ultimately a choice. (CBL) does not teach people that they are born to be drug users like drug treatment so often does.

While you might use drugs because someone in your family did, that is a behavior that you learned from them and not necessarily a gene you inherited. And there are many more people who grew up with drug users who chose not to use drugs. This is because drug use is a choice, and as such you can make a different choice and stop using drugs.

Cognitive Behavioral Learning, unlike 12 step programs and methadone clinics, does not see the effectiveness in support group meetings, so it does not incorporate them. Rather, in Cognitive Behavioral Learning, the emphasis is placed on helping people identify their problematic thought patterns and behaviors; change their thinking and reinforce their new thinking by creating different habits and more productive behaviors. There is no need for lifelong therapy and treatment.If you or someone you know needs help with a drug problem, call Freedom Model Retreats today and let us help you get back the old you!


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