Going Back to College or School?

Don't let that stop you from getting the help you need.

Going Back to College or School?

We know that parents worry about their son or daughter's education. Many of our guests are in the middle of the schooling, but as you know, alcohol and drug problems are not on a schedule of convenience! This is why Freedom Model offer discounts for those guests who are currently enrolled in college or high school. Parents call us everyday wondering how their son or daughter can get the help they desperately need while also making sure they do not fall behind in their college or high school curriculum. For over twenty years Freedom Model has helped parents in this predicament. Your son or daughter can find a solution to their drug and/or alcohol problems and keep up to date on their schooling. Call for more information on the Student Discount Package.

Mr. Richard Santelli, our full time career and academic advisor will work directly with the school or college to either get your son or daughter's curriculum sent to Freedom Model, or get the work load deferred so you do not lose their college tuition. We also have a team of NYS certified teachers who are here to assist your son or daughter get through this difficult time. Do not hesitate to help your child based on the fear that their education will suffer - remember, should they attend college or high school with no solution to their drug or alcohol problems, their schooling is sure to suffer. We can teach your son and daughter how to avoid this unnecessary situation while learning the skills to remain sober for a lifetime!

Let us help your son or daughter start off the school year on the right track! Again, call for our Student Discount Package. After you have made a reservation, please have the school contact information handy so we can immediately set up the proper communication from day one. We are here to help your son or daughter have a successful life and we know how important your son's or daughter's education is. While enrolled in the Freedom Model Program they will have time to complete the program curriculum and their college/school work while also learning how to socialize in a safe, sober environment. Freedom Model is here to serve you in this difficult time. Give us a call.


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