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Entering a traditional Drug Treatment Program may negatively impact the rest of your life.

Is Your Addiction Treatment Actually Confidential?

At The Saint Retreat, Your Confidentiality is Always Guaranteed! In Drug Treatment and Drug Rehab facilites, it's Not

You may be thinking but what about HIPAA laws?
Don’t they protect my medical information?
The answer is much different than you might think.
For insurance to pay for any kind of treatment for substance use, there must be a diagnosis. The diagnoses for substance use problems are Substance Use Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder. These diagnoses don’t distinguish whether you drank to excess occasionally, had some problems coming off prescribed medications or were a daily methamphetamine user. These diagnoses are one-size-fits-all regardless of your problem, and when you get that diagnosis it quite literally labels you for life. As such it can affect your current or future career as well as your ability to obtain and maintain a professional license. It can affect current or future litigation such as business litigation, divorce proceedings and child custody. It can affect your ability to get security clearance or become bonded. Certain prospective employers can obtain that information through background checks as can state and federal government agencies.

The AUD/SUD diagnosis is a lifelong diagnosis of a temporary problem that 1 in 4 people struggle with at some point in their lives. While data clearly and unequivocally shows that most people do solve their substance use problems (i.e. addiction) at a rate of 95% or better, the current thinking in this country, and the treatment offered is based on the theory that addiction is a progressive, incurable brain disease. This means that when you get that diagnosis, you may as well be tattooing “I’m an addict” on your forehead along with all the negative stigma that goes with it, such as; I’m unstable, I’m a ticking time bomb, I’m untrustworthy, I’m unreliable, etc. While you know you’re not those things, if you get that diagnosis, that is what others will see.

The Saint Jude Retreat is the ONLY true Non-Disease based, Non-12-step Program in the Country
There is only one place in the country you can go that is completely confidential, and that will provide you with a permanent solution to your substance use problem, The Saint Jude Retreat. Changing your life doesn’t have to cost you your future success. You can find a solution and move on with your life completely free from addiction problems and the stigma that comes with the diagnosis. At Saint Jude Retreats, we’re not treatment providers, we’re solution providers. Call Us at 888-424-2626. We are here to help you.



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